Freshmen Report To Ole Miss

The 2004 class was one of the best in many years. <br><br> Will they live up to the billing? Nobody will know that answer until they hit the field. What we do know is that all of the signees who were expected to qualify, reported this morning.

Freshman Report

The following 2004 signees reported to Ole Miss today:

Left - Corey Mills (DE)
Right - Chris Bowers (DE)

Larry Kendrick (DB)

Dustin Mouzon (DB)

Chris Herring (DT)

Paul Eck (QB)

Left - Jamarca Sanford (DB)
Right - Reterio Brown (LB/DE)

Jamarca Sanford (DB

Reterio Brown

Jason Cook (FB/LB)

Terrell Jackson (DB)

Maurice Miller

Garry Pack

Brandon Thomas (LB)

David Traxler

Tim Henderson (OL)

Corvelli Haynes (DE)

Mico McSwain (DB)

The following player will report once he is cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse:

Lance Lee (OL)


We have not received the exact reason why Lance has still not been cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse, as grade issues are under the privacy act, but we hear that the matter will be resolved as soon as the NCAA clearinghouse gets to his case.

When will the NCAA clearinhouse get back to his case? That is a question that nobody knows, including the NCAA clearinghouse. They have thousands of student/athletes to certify each year, but hopefully they will get back to his case before too much practice time is missed.

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