Malcom has 7 early offers.

East High is traditionally one of the better programs in the state of Tennessee. In the past 5 years, the Mustangs have sent 13 players to the Division 1 level. <br><br> This year's squad looks to be one of their strongest, as there are several D1 candidates amongst their rising seniors. Malcom Rawls is one of their elite athletes, as he has already been offered by Tennessee, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Memphis, and Michigan.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Rawls:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 5", 300, and really, I have not run the 40 in a year or so. The last time I ran it, I ran a 5.1, but I was weighing 280 then."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Right tackle."

What are your strengths on the field? "I am good at firing off the ball. I am very good at drive blocking. I also have the capability to move my man so I can get down field to make another block for my my running back."

What are you trying to work on for the next level? "Right now, I am just working on improving my footwork. I am pretty mobile for a big guy, but you can always work on your movement. Staying low is also a key for any lineman's success. I am always trying to improve in those two areas."

How did East do on the field last season? "We had one our worst seasons in a long time. We were really in a rebuilding mode. We went 7 - 4 and lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. But, we are looking forward to this year. We should have our best team since I have been here. We are pretty much loaded everywhere. We look to go all of the way."

How long have you been starting for East? "Since my 10 grade season. But then, I stated at right tackle for a few games, but they moved me to defensive tackle. I went back to offensive tackle permanently last year."

Did you play any DT last year? "Yes sir, I started both ways."

Do you remember your stats? "No sir."

Any awards for your play? "Yes sir, I was the only junior to be named 1st Team All-State. I was also All-Shelby and Best of the Preps (Commercial Appeal)."

Where all did you camp at last summer? "Every summer I participate in an academic program at different prep schools. I went to a Math and Science Program at Andover last summer. It is a prep school located near Boston. I have a 4.0 GPA and a 27 on my ACT."

Are you going to any football camps this summer? "No sir. I will go back to another prep school this summer. Phillips Exeter Academy is trying to get me to come up there. I am not sure. But, I will go to a couple of inter-scrimmage games in the next couple of months.. I want to go to Tennessee, back down to Ole Miss, maybe even down to Florida, and Memphis'."

Did anyone influence your dedication to academics? "My mother did not even let me start playing football until I was in the 9th grade. She always saw all of the big boys on the field ,and she thought I might get hurt. She is always like, 'Malcom, you are always one play away from ending your athletic career. You need something to fall back on.' She just stressed academics my whole life. Now I have schools like Stanford, Duke, Yale, and Harvard, who want me academically as well as athletically."

Athletically, which schools are recruiting you the hardest? "Pretty much Tennessee, Ole Miss, Vandy, Kentucky, Memphis, and Notre Dame."

Any offers? "Tennessee, Ole Miss, MSU, Notre Dame, and Michigan. I forgot about them (Michigan). I am suppose to call them back this weekend."

Which schools have caught your eye? "I have always been a big Vols fan. Michigan and Ole Miss. Pretty much those three."

Have you had a chance to visit any of the schools you are currently interested in? "Yes sir, I just got back from Ole Miss last month. I went to their Junior Day. I also went to a game of theirs in the fall. I have been up to Tennessee before, but I have never been to Michigan."

What new did you learn about Ole Miss during Junior Day? "Nothing new because I went to the LSU game in the fall. They took me around then. When I am down there, I hang out with Brandon Jenkins and Daryl London (walk-on wide receiver at Ole Miss who prepped at East High). When I went to the LSU game, Coach Cutcliffe and Coach Latina took me around. I already knew about their program."

How close are you with Brandon and Daryl? "I am real close to Brandon ,and Daryl too. They both came over here when they were on their Spring Break. We worked out together. They talked a lot of good things about Ole Miss. They liked it down there."

What stands out to you about Ole Miss? "That is a place where they have some offensive linemen who are graduating. I can come in and start. They won the SEC West last year. They seem to be a contender in the SEC, who I consider to be the best football conference in the country."

Did anyone accompany you on your trip? "Me mother."

What did she think of Ole Miss? "She liked the program. It is close to home. Oxford is not that far, so she would have a chance to see my games if I went there. They also have a strong academic program. She really liked their coaching staff. She said they seemed like they could be trusted."

When did Ole Miss offer you? "Sometime during the season. No, it was right after the season, in December."

Who was the first school to offer you, athletically, and when did they offer you? "MSU offered me at the start of my 10th grade year."

Do you plan to attend anymore Jr Days this Spring? "No sir, Ole Miss' and Memphis' just happened to fall on the dates that I had open. I will go to a couple of inter-scrimmage games though."

What stands out to you about Tennessee? "They not only compete in the SEC, they always go to BCS Bowls games. They are always sending their players to the pros. Coach Fulmer takes pride in his offensive line, and when he told me that I was their number one recruit, it was exciting."

What about Michigan? "Just their tradition and history. How they seem to dominate in their conference. That stands out to me."

What will be the main factors for you when it comes decision time? "The prestige of their academic programs. The probability of me starting. I do not want to wait for four years or something like that to start. The reputation of their football program. The best chance to send me to the pros."

Have you decided on a major? "I think it is going to be in business finance."

Malcom carries a 4.0 GPA and a 27 on his ACT test.

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