More notes from football practice. . .

About the only thing Right Cornerback Trumaine McBride wasn't pleased with during spring drills was his ability to maintain good technique when fatigue set in. Correcting that is his main goal for August drills.

McBride, a true sophomore, was quickly elevated to the number one spot last spring, replacing Von Hutchins at the right corner slot. He felt his spring session was productive, but he knos there is room for improvement.

"I don't think my technique is perfect, but I feel it's good," he said. "What I was having trouble with was maintaining my technique as practices wore on. You can't allow your technique to break down in this league with the speed receivers have these days. A lot of people don't realize this, but technique carries you just as far as skill. You can't play in the SEC without some skill, but technique is the difference-maker."

Trumaine realizes that technique is not just a sometimes thing.

"It's an every play deal in college football. You never know when the ball is coming your way and if you let up any at all on this level, or let your technique break down, you are burned," he explained. "I did that a couple of times in the spring game and it really made me mad I allowed myself to do that."

But Trumaine, an honor student, realizes that the only way to correct things that aren't right is to identify them first.

"If you don't recognize what the problem is, and admit it's a problem, you can't fix it," he continued. "My goal is to maintain my technique every snap of every practice. Not just one practice and not just some of the time. It's a one snap at a time process. I can't waste reps by letting my technique break down, no matter how tired I get. The coaches are supposed to test our limits in August to get us ready for the season. What I have to do when I feel them taking us to the edge is to bow up and not let it get to me. Keep my composure and my technique. That's my challenge."

Trumaine believes the wide receivers at Ole Miss have prepared him well for the competition he will face this fall.

"I believe we have the best bunch of wideouts in the SEC. We've got speed receivers, possession receivers, big receivers, quick receivers - we've got a little of everything," McBride explained. "By me going against Taye Biddle and Mike Espy and Bill Flowers and Kerry Johnson every day, I will be ready for the games."

Driesbach believes in McBride

Defensive Coordinator Chuck Driesbach has stated numerous times in Trumaine's short career that he feels Trumaine has a chance to be "special."

"He's just got great feet - natural body control and quickness," Driesbach said. "He can recover from a mistake so quickly, but he rarely makes a really poor decision. His technique needs work, and his concentration of doing that technique every play needs work, but from the first time I saw him play I thought he was penciled in for some outstanding things."

McBride doesn't want to let the main defensive mentor down.

"Coach Driesbach came to me last fall and told me I had a chance to be the number one guy as a sophomore if I would work hard. I don't want to let him or (Secondary) Coach (Jay) Hopson down," Turmaine closed. "Starting is a big responsibility, no matter what position you play. This is a team game and the team is counting on each player doing his job. I will do my best."

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