Travis looking to prove why he is the best.

<b>Travis Sanford</b> (WR/S,Batesville, MS) - Travis is one of the more athletically gifted players throughout the country. If it were not for the fact that he mainly concentrated on basketball during his freshman and sophomore seasons, Sanford would be a known commodity from coast to coast.<br><br>Sanford was a huge factor in South Panola's Top 10 finish (<i>USA Today)</i> last season. Not only can the 6' 4&quot; prospect go up and get the ball at receiver, he is just as effective at safety.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Travis Sanford:

Where did you get a chance to camp at this summer? "Ole Miss and East Central CC. We were suppose to go to Mississippi State, but we did not get a chance to go. We only went to those two camps."

Back in May, which colleges contacted you by phone? "Coach Cutcliffe (Ole Miss) did, and that is about all."

With a man of your skills, why do you think you received so few phone calls? "I really do not know, I guess everybody just figures we are all going to Ole Miss, you know, because that is basically where everybody goes from around here."

Did any schools come by your practices to evaluate you? "Coach Luke (Ole Miss) did, but that is all I can remember. We go to a jamboree game Friday at Madison Central. We play Jackson Provine and Madison Central."

Did South Panola not play Provine in the Clinton Jamboree this past May? "Yes sir, we did. We beat them by 3 or 4 touchdowns. We also beat Madison Central too."

Which position do you expect to play on the collegiate level? "Probably wide receiver, most likely. This will be my first year to play some safety too. My coach tells me that I will play wide receiver on the next level though."

How long have you been playing football? "Mainly just last year. I played basketball my freshman and sophomore seasons. I mean, I played some football too in 10th grade, but I was a basketball guy."

What made you start focusing on football? "Everybody from around here tells me I could be the best player to come out of South Panola, and you know we have a lot of people playing in the league from our school, so I decided I needed to be there too."

Tell us where you stand with your recruitment; which schools are standing out to you? "I would have to say Ole Miss. They write me the most and show me the most love. They are my first pick, and they are closest to home too."

Are there anymore schools you are interested in? "Yea, there are a few more I am looking at like Alabama, LSU, and Mississippi State."

What all do you like about Ole Miss? "Well, I like the way they do their camps, and the way they treat you. They are adding more facilities over there. I really like that new indoor facility. I just like their overall program. I love their coaches, like Coaches Woods, Luke, and Cutcliffe. We are all pretty tight. And besides, most of my teammates and friends go to school there, so I am pretty comfortable around there."

What about LSU? "I just like how they throw the ball and let their WR's shine. When the ball is in the air, I feel like it is mine. I could do a lot of that over there."

What are Alabama's positives? "I just like them. They are all right. I do feel if I go there, I will go there and shine because they have to respect my talents. Like I said, when the ball is in the air, it is mine."

Talk a little about MSU? "Yea, they are all right. A teammate of mine (Mario Bobo) signed with them last year. He said it is cool over there. He likes their coaches a lot. I went a saw them play last year when they played Ole Miss. They got beat pretty good, but they are all right. It was cool."

Last year, most of the players who signed with D1 teams stuck together and signed with the same school (Ole Miss), has your group (Travis Sanford, Derek Pegues, and John Jerry) talked about doing the same thing? "Yea, we talk about it all of the time. We all talk about going to Ole Miss, but we are waiting to see what Derek Pegues does. But if I do go to Ole Miss, I know he will too. We are going together (to the same school), if at all possible."

What will be some factors when it comes decision time? "Well, it is hard to say right now. I do not know, it all depends on which school I go to. I will know all of that stuff when the season is over."

What are your personal goals for your senior season? "I hope I do not get hurt, first of all. Who ever is holding me, better come tight, because I am coming. A lot of people tell me I will break a 1,000 receiving yards this year. I have a lot of goals that I have set for myself on offense and defense."

Travis carries a 2.8 GPA and takes the ACT test for the first time in September.

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