Top Chicago prospect commits to Ole Miss

<b>Marquis Young</b> (C, Chicago, IL) - The Rebel's basketball program continues to receive positive news, as one of the top prospects in the City of Chicago committed to Ole Miss.<br><br>Marquis made a name for himself this summer, as he was rated the #21 overall and #5 center prospect at the prestigious ABCD Reebok Camp.<br><br>Young narrowed his choices down to Ole Miss, Purdue, Seton Hall, and Ball State, before casting his lot with the Rebels.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Marquis Young:

What is your current height and weight? "I am 6' 9", 275."

Strength wise, where do you stand? "210 on my upper body and 325 with my legs."

Have you been measured for your vertical recently? "They had me at 28" at the Reebok camp."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Center / power forward.."

What are your strengths on the court? "Just making sure everybody is staying on the same page. I am the talker on the court. I bring the intensity. I block shots, rebound, score inside, eat up space. I do it all."

Which camps did you attend this summer? "I went to the Reebok ABCD camp. I also went to the Vegas Super 64 camp, but the best camp I went to was the Reebok camp."

Did you place at the ABCD camp? "Yes sir, at first I was suppose to go the Adidas camp, but I went ahead and went to the Reebok camp. I finished in the Top 30 (#21)."

Which AAU team do you play for? "The Illinois Fire."

How long have you been starting for Chicago Austin Community high? "I have been there since my sophomore year. This is going on three years."

What did you average during your junior campaign? "I averaged 20 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 blocked shots."

Did you garner any awards? "Yes sir, I made All-Chicago and All-Conference."

Word has it that you committed to Ole Miss; is this true? "Yes sir."

When did you commit to the University of Mississippi? "A couple of weeks ago."

Which coach did you inform of your commitment? "Tracy Dildy. As of now, it is like family tradition with the Dildy's and our family. I play with his cousin and my Uncle played with Coach Dildy I feel very comfortable with him."

How long have you known Coach Dildy? "I have been knowing him since I was around 11 or 12."

What type of name does Coach Dildy have in the Chicago area? "A lot. He rings the bells in Chicago. Everybody knows Tracy Dildy, and everybody knows the whole Dildy family."

Why did you decide on Ole Miss? "When I went down there to their Elite 11 camp, I liked the intensity of their coaches and the deep religious faith they all have. I also like the people down South. They are so friendly, and they take care of their people. The weather is so nice, and it is just a good environment to prosper both in the classroom and on the court. It is just the best situation I could put myself in."

What other schools were involved with your recruitment? "I got calls and letters from Kentucky, Auburn, Purdue, Setan Hall, Florida, Akron, USC, Depaul, and Texas A&M. There were just a lot of them."

Which schools offered you a scholarship? "Mainly, it was Ole Miss, Purdue, UIC of Chicago, Setan Hall, and Auburn."

Who would you say came in second place? "It was going to be Purdue. I forgot, Ball State offered too. I forgot about them. They probably came in 3rd and Setan Hall would have been fourth. It was pretty much those four schools."

What are your personal goals for the upcoming season? "I just want to pass with flying colors. Education is number one with me. I have been taking advanced classes since I have been high school, just to prepare me for college. I am pretty tough."

What is your current GPA and ACT score? "I have a 3.8 Core GPA, and I have not taken the ACT test yet. I only need a 15 to get in, but I want to score at least a 21. I just want to get it over a 20."

What are you going to bring to the table for Ole Miss? "Just some W's, man. We have to get it back to where it was. I want us to take it to the Elite 8, one step further than they did a few years back. But mainly, I just want to leave Ole Miss a winner. I am all about the W's."

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