Practice Report: A-Z in the kicking game

As is an annual tradition in the David Cutcliffe era, the Rebels reserve the last Saturday prior to the opening game to go through the entire special teams package. Today, obviously, was that day.

"This was our annual complete rehearsal of the entire kicking game. I was pleased with the retention of the players. We had very few personnel problems and all the kids on the various teams seemed to know their assignments for all the different calls we use," said Cut. "This was another relaxing day. We'll take tomorrow off completely and then come back Monday with game week preparations. We should be rested and ready to go.

"The only major concern we have right now is getting some key players healthy for the opener and doing a lot of polishing of our sets next week."

At this point, the injury situation looks like this: DT Daniel Booth - pulled calf muscle, better but still questionable for the opener. . .TB Brandon Jacobs - knee sprain, much better but still questionable for the opener. . . DT Andrew Wicker - toe injury, also much better but a question mark for the opener. . . FB Lorenzo Townsend - hamstring, questionable. . . WR Kerry Johnson - hamstring, questionable. . . Cutcliffe said the rest of today and tomorrow would be key for them. They will undergo several treatments the next 48 hours trying to get back to practice either Monday or Tuesday. Cut's policy through the years is that if you don't practice by Wednesday of a game week, including Wednesday, you don't play.

With Townsend and Jacobs limping and Rick Razzano suspended for the opening game, Cut said he's got his fingers crossed about L.T. and Jake. "We need them back, but if not we have Anthony Hobgood we feel is ready to contribute and some other options," Cut noted.

Without the injured players involved, the following are the players used on the various special teams today.

Kickoff Return:

First unit: CB Bryant Thomas, S Keith Houston, LB Rob Robertson, S Charles Clark, S Iroko Ayodele, FB Anthony Hobgood, TE Eric Rice, FB Lorenzo Townsend, LB Patrick Willis and return men B. Brown and Mike Espy.

Second unit: CB Trumaine McBride, TB Marvin Vaughan, LB Brian Lester, S Kareem Moore, S Edwin Gelin, FB Rick Razzano, TE Lawrence Lilly, S Kelvin Robinson, TE Robert Hough, and return men Larry Kendrick and Taye Biddle.


First unit, from left to right:Mike Espy, Brian Lester, Larry Kendrick, Iroko Ayodele, Kelvin Robinson, Bryant Thomas, Patrick Willis, Keith Houston, Eric Oliver, Charle Clark, B. Brown. Jonathan Nichols kicking.

Second unit: Trumaine McBride, Garry Pack, Edwin Gelin, Thad Rhodes, Robert Hough, Vashon Pearson, Keith White, Marvin Vaughan, Kareem Moore, Nate Banks. Nichols kicked today.

Punt Team:

First unit: Left Gunner Mike Espy, Marvin Vaughan, Lorenzo Townsend, Brian Lester, Snapper Sidney McLaurin, Patrick Willis, Kelvin Robinson, Eric Oliver, Right Gunner Taye Biddle, Personal Protector Rob Robertson and Punter Cody Ridgeway.

Second unit: Left Gunner Iroko Ayodele, Charles Clark, Eric Rice, Lawrence Lilly, Snapper Slate Amos, Brandon Jacobs, Robert Hough, Kareem Moore, Right Gunner Trumaine McBride, Personal Protector Alan Abrams, Puner Wesley Bryan.

Punt Return: (Only one unit identified) Trumaine McBride (edge rusher), Kerry Johnson, Iroko Ayodele, Keith Houston, Kareem Moore, Charles Clark (edge rusher), Garry Pack, Eric Oliver, Bill Flowers, Nate Banks and Return Man Mike Espy.

Field Goal:

Across the forward wall from left: Lorenzo Townsend, Lawrence Lilly, Doug Buckles, Tre' Stallings, Sidney McLaurin, Bobby Harris, Marcus Johnson, Eric Rice and Robert Hough. Holder Cody Ridgeway. PK Jonathan Nichols.

Field Goal Block is the number one defense.

Hands Team when Rebs suspect onside kick: Lorenzo Townsend, Charles Clark, Matt Pierce, Taye Biddle, Larry Kendrick, Eric Rice, Brandon Jacobs, Bill Flowers, Mario Hill, Mike Espy and B. Brown.

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