Top PK From MS Looking For Offers

Ryan is one of the premier place kickers in the South.<br><Br> Although Hoorman broke his collarbone in the 6th game of the season last year, he still managed to earn 1st Team All-State status.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Mr. Hoorman:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 5' 10", 185, and I have not run the 40 in two years. I probably run about a 4.5 to a 4.6."

Which position are you being recruited to play for the next level? "I am a placement kicker although I do handle our punting duties here too."

What are your strengths on the field? "I probably have to give everything to soccer. I have been playing since I was six. It has kept my legs in shape, and I have been kicking soccer style ever since. When you play soccer., you work on your plant foot, which helps you with your accuracy. The same holds true in (fball) kicking. Just all of the running I did (in soccer.), it gave me the strength in my legs to kick it far."

What are you trying to work on for the next level? "The main thing is working on kicking it off of the ground. In high school, we use a tee. Last month, all I did was kick it off the ground."

What was your longest field goal while you were practicing kicking it off of the ground? "58 yards."

Did you attend any kicking camps last summer? "No sir, I was playing for the Memphis Express (soccer) showcase team, but I am going to some this summer."

Which ones? "I am going to the Ray Guy camp in New Orleans. I will go to Ole Miss' senior camp, and I will hopefully go down to LSU to one of their camps. Our team is going to MSU, so I will go with them on that one."

How long have you been starting for Olive Branch? "This will be my third year."

What were your stats from your junior season? "I want to say I was 7 - 11 in FG's, but I broke my collarbone and missed half of the season."

How did you break your collarbone? "We were playing South Panola, and as soon as I caught the ball, they were on me. I fell right on my shoulder and broke it."

What about your extra points? "I am not sure, but I was 100%."

What was your long last year? "54 yards."

How many field goals have you kicked from over 50 yards? "Four."

What were your stats from your sophomore season? "I could not tell you. Really, my sophomore year I was not into it like I am now. Soccer was my main sport, and football was just there to keep me warmed up, now it is the other way around."

Which schools are writing you the most? "Wow, probably LSU, definitely Ole Miss, Alabama, West Virginia, Auburn, and those are probably the main people who send me the most stuff."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "I am a big fan of LSU's because my whole family is from Louisiana. I was born in Louisiana. I went down to Ole Miss for their junior day. I got to meet all of their coaches, and I had a chance to look around their campus. They have been showing me a lot of interest. I got a letter from the coach who is recruiting me (Coach Roper), and Coach Cutcliffe has written me three times. They (Ole Miss) are real close to home, so those are the main two right now."

When did you move from Louisiana to Mississippi? "We actually moved from Louisiana a while back. When I was three, we moved to Ocean Springs for nine years. And we moved up here six years ago. But my whole family is from Louisiana, and my mother and father grew up there."

Was this your first trip to Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

What did you learn? "I met all of their coaches. They were really/really nice. They all seemed like great people. I saw their campus and facilities. They are actually building a new indoor training facility right next to their football stadium. That place will be really nice. I also saw how much they cared about academics, which is real important for me and my family. You know they have a top notch football program. I am real impressed with Ole Miss. Their campus was real clean."

What most stood out about Ole Miss? "I would have to say their campus, and how nice their facilities are, and how much they are improving their facilities. That got me the most."

Will you attend anymore Junior Days? "No sir."

Tell us what attracts you to LSU? "For one, they are close to all of my family. Second, that is where I am from. It is home. They are a great football team too. It is kind of cool that they went to the national championship game and won it. They had a real strong recruiting class too. The only knock on them is their kicking situation. Last year they signed two kids, so I am not too sure if they are going to spend another scholarship on a kicker or not. They probably will not, so that would knock them out of the picture. I hope that is not how it goes, but they have pretty much told us that it looks doubtful that they are going to give another scholarship to a kicker this year."

Does Ole Miss offer you a good opportunity with Jonathan Nichols being a senior? "Yea, I think that is a good situation for me or anyone else to come into. Whether I go to a school where I start as a freshman, like I would at Ole Miss, or if I go some place where they have a senior in front of me, that is OK with me. If they do have a senior in front of me, then I could learn some things from him. But, I do not want to go to a place where they have a junior in front of me. That would not be an ideal situation for me."

What exactly are you looking for on the next level? "Well, probably location. Where the school is located at. Probably the coaches and the facilities they have. Which ever one seems most interested in me will be important. If two schools have offered me, I will go with the one that wants me the most. I will not go somewhere just because I like the school. It has to be a two way street. But location will be a big thing for me. I would like to stay close to my family."

Ryan carries a 3.9 GPA and a 19 on his ACT test.

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