Practice Report: Rebs begin Game Week preparations

Ole Miss began its Game Week preparations for Saturday's season opener against Memphis with a 2-hour workout in full pads. Cutcliffe did not allow full contact, but there was a lot of controlled hitting and full contact along the line of scrimmage.

"I was pleased with the work today. We got a few players back who have been injured and that helps a lot. Those guys looked pretty good. We still aren't sure about their availability for the game, but they have come a long way," he noted. "I thought the work today was spirited and productive. There are still things we have to resolve, but we are on schedule, I believe."

* The injury list dwindled some today. TB Brandon Jacobs had his sprained knee bandaged and was in a yellow jersey, but he appeared to be running full speed in running game drills. . . FB Lorenzo Townsend showed no ill effects from his hamstring pull that had been bothering him for a few days. He was full speed and was not in a yellow jersey today. . . DT Andrew Wicker, who has been struggling the past couple of weeks with a toe injury, went full speed today and did not show any signs of being in pain. . . DE Cory Robinson, who spent a couple of weeks nursing a pulled hamstring, was also full speed today. . . The only player missing today was DT Daniel Booth, who is out with a calf injury. Daniel is listed as doubtful for the opener against the Tigers.

* We tried to make a partial list of players who were on the scout team and those on the varsity of the newcomers and players who have not played much in the past. Might interest you. DE Brandon Jenkins, who was demoted to the scout team last week, was promoted back to the varsity today. DE Dedrick Clark, however, was still on the scout team. The DEs with the varsity today were Cory Robinson, Jayme Mitchell, Corey Mills, Corvelli Haynes and Brandon Jenkins, in no particular order. Freshman Chris Bowers was with the scout team. . .S Danny Bell was with the scout team today, as was S Jamarca Sanfrod, CB Terrell Jackson, CB Dustin Mouzon, OL David Traxler, Maurice Miller and Tim Henderson, LB Reterio Brown, LB Brandon Thomas and QB Paul Eck. . . Also DE Viciente DeLoach was also on the scout team. As Cutcliffe said in his press conference today, none of this is etched in stone - it could change weekly.

* Today's two-deep was: Defense: DE - Jayme Mitchell, Brandon Jenkins, Corey Mills; DT - McKinley Boykin, Jeremy Garrett/Andrew Wicker; DT - Michael Bozeman, Chris Herring, Daniel Booth (injured); DE - Cory Robinson, Corvelli Haynes; LB - Brian Lester, Patrick Willis; LB - Rob Robertson, Marquis McBeath (Garry Pack fifth backer); SS - Kelvin Robinson, Iroko Ayodele; WS - Charles Clark, Larry Kendrick; FS - Eric Oliver, B. Brown; CB - Travis Johnson, Nate Banks; CB - Trumaine McBride, Bryant Thomas. . . . Offense: WR - Mike Espy, Taye Biddle; Slot - Kerry Johnson, Matt Pierce; WR - Bill Flowers, Mario Hill, Frank Clayton; TE - Eric Rice, Lawrence Lilly, Jimmy Brooks; LT - Bobby Harris, Darryl Harris; LG - Doug Buckles, James McCoy; C - Chris Spencer, Tony Bonds; RG - Marcus Johnson, Ryan Jones; RT - Tre' Stallings, Tony Sanders; QB - Micheal Spurlock, Ethan Flatt/Robert Lane; FB - Lorenzo Townsend, Anthony Hobgood (Rick Razzano suspended for Memphis game); TB - Vashon Pearson, Brandon Jacobs, Alan Abrams.

* The Rebels spent much of the day fine-tuning everything from A-Z, including three special teams drills early in the practice. PK Jonathan Nichols missed one field goal in six attempts. P Cody Ridgeway was effective in his direction punting efforts, averaging about 43 yards a punt with good placement. . . The Rebs then did a couple of periods of individual drills working on technique. . . When the team drills began, Ole Miss worked heavily on the running game and run defense. Both sides of the ball looked aggressive and tuned in. . . Some passing game drills followed with some early difficulties by some of the receivers hanging on the to ball, but vets Mario Hill, Kerry Johnson and Bill Flowers picked up the pace and things got smoothed out in the receiving game. . . In the secondary, CB Trumaine McBride picked off one tipped pass and FS Eric Oliver also got a pick on a tipped pass. . . . All-in-all, while there was not much specific to report, you could tell the Rebs were focused and excited to finally be in Game Week.

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