Basketball news and notes

Many great things have happened with the Rebel basketball program over the past four months.<br><br>It all started with the hiring of Coach Dildy. This hiring has spilled over to their recruiting efforts.<br><br>We will try to help clear the picture as to what you might see come signing day.

Questions and Answers

How many players will Ole Miss sign in the early signing period?


I thought you were only allowed to sign 5 players in any given year?

This ruling was overturned by the NCAA committee this past summer.

Were there anymore rules that were changed or added by the NCAA this past year?

You are now allowed to bring in prospects to evaluate their abilities during the "contact period".

Just how many official visits are allowed for basketball?


Which prospects look the most likely to sign with Ole Miss during the early signing period?

As of right now, Ole Miss has four public commitments. They are Robert Clark (SG), Trey Hampton (SF), Carl Swanigan (PF/C), and Marquis Young (PF/C).

This leaves two spots left to fill.

The most likely candidates are Clarence Sanders (SG/Official visit on 9/3), Xavier Webb (Combo Forward/3G/Official visit on 9/3), Roberto Forbes (SG/Official visit on 9/18), Reginald Delk (SG), Richard Delk (PG), David Lawrence (SF), Charles Little (SF), and Lawrence Kinnard (3G/An official visit will be set up in the near furute.)

Which position will Ole Miss key in on for these last two spots?

With the additions of the four big men from the past two classes (Jeremy Parnell, Dwayne Curtis, Carl Swanigan, and Marquis Young) it looks like the Rebels are looking for some guard help for the remainding two spots. An Aaron Harper clone is just what they are looking for, ala
Xavier Webb, Chalres Little Roberto Forbes, David Lawrence, and Lawrence Kinnard.

Ole Miss also wants a smaller guard to come in and put the ball in the hole, ala Clarence Sanders and the Delk twins.

We look for Ole Miss to sign one Wing Guard and one Scoring Guard with the remaining two spots.

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