Two-deep for Rebs' first game

After a month of preparation and players vying for playing time, the following will be the two-deep depth chart for the Rebs versus the Memphis Tigers Saturday at 6 p.m. in Vaught-Hemingway Stadium. (On some positions, we are listing a three-deep if those players are expected to play some.)



LE - 77-Jayme Mitchell, 90-Brandon Jenkins, 47-Corey Mills

DT - 68-McKinley Boykin, 91-Andrew Wicker, 98-Chris Herring

NT - 72-Michael Bozeman, 98-Chris Herring, 54-Jeremy Garrett

RE - 96-Cory Robinson, 99-Corvelli Haynes

MLB - 57-Brian Lester, 49-Patrick Willis, 26-Garry Pack

SLB - 81-Rob Robertson, 1-Marquis McBeath

LCB - 9-Travis Johnson, 28-Nate Banks

SS - 39-Kelvin Robinson, 31-Iroko Ayodele

FS - 38-Eric Oliver, 4-B. Brown

WS - 20-Charles Clark, 25-Larry Kendrick

RCB - 3-Trumaine McBride, 14-Bryant Thomas


SE - 84-Bill Flowers, 87-Mario Hill, 6-Frank Clayton

LT - 75-Bobby Harris, 50-Darryl Harris

LG - 62-Doug Buckles, 52-James McCoy

C - 73-Chris Spencer, 65-Tony Bonds

RG - 76-Marcus Johnson, 63-Ryan Jones

RT - 70-Tre' Stallings, 66-Tony Sanders

TE - 80-Eric Rice, 88-Lawrence Lilly, 83-Jimmy Brooks

FL - 11-Mike Espy, 7-Taye Biddle

QB - 16-Micheal Spurlock, 19-Ethan Flatt, 15-Robert Lane

RB - 24-Vashon Pearson, 27-Brandon Jacobs, 9-Alan Abrams

FB - 33-Lorenzo Townsend, 45-Anthony Hobgood, 27-Brandon Jacobs

W - 2-Kerry Johnson, 23-Matt Pierce, 89-Carlos Suggs, 40-Mico McSwain

PK - 86-Jonathan Nichols, 4-Matt Hinkle

P - 97-Cody Ridgeway, 37-Wesley Bryan

DS - 64-Sidney McLaurin, 74-Slate Amos

PR - 11-Mike Espy, 4-B. Brown

KOR - 11-Mike Espy, 4-B. Brown, 25-Larry Kendrick, 40-Mico McSwain

Holder - 97-Cody Ridgeway, 37-Wesley Bryan

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