Ole Miss adds 6th public commitment

Clarence Sanders </b>(SG, Okaloosa Walton CC, FL) - Not everyone is ready for the collegiate level coming out of high school. Although Clarence was a full qualifier, and had D1 offers on the table, Sanders felt like he needed to mature both on and off the court before he went on to the next level. <br><br>It looks like that decision paid huge dividends, as Clarence blossomed during his freshman campaign, as he averaged over 18 pts, 4.5 assists, and 4.5 steals per game.

When one succeeds, usually good things follow, and that is what happened when scholarship offers came from the likes of Arkansas, Auburn, Ole Miss, Florida State, and Mississippi State.

The decision was tough, but in the end, Sanders to join a rejuvenated Rebels' basketball program.

Clarence becomes Ole Miss' 6th public commitment.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Clarence Sanders:

What is your current height and weight? "I am 6' 2", 180."

Where do you currently go to school? "I am at Okaloosa Walton CC (FL)."

Which position are you being recruited to play? "Shooting guard."

What are your strengths on the court? "I am an all-around good player. I can shoot, penetrate, and most importantly, I can defend."

What do you need to work on? "My ball handling and conditioning."

Where did you prep at in high school? "I went to Central Phenix (AL)."

Were you a qualifier out of high school? "Yes sir, I was."

How did you end up at Okaloosa Walton CC? "I went to Okaloosa Walton CC because I did not want to go to a big D1 program off the bat. I was too small, and I felt like I was not ready, both mentally and physically. I took a visit to Okaloosa Walton CC, and I hit it off with their head coach. My goal was to work hard to prepare me for that next levell."

How did your freshman season go at Okaloosa Walton CC? "It went real well. I went down there and worked real hard. The first 10 games, I averaged over 30 points a game. I fractured my wrist in the 11th game, and my production dropped off, but I still averaged 18 points. I also had like 4.5 steals and assists a game. I was in the Top 10 (Florida juco league) in steals."

Any awards? "Our team does not give out team awards. But state wise, I made All-Florida, and I made the All-Tournament Team. They also named me the #1 Shooting Guard in Florida going into the season."

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest? "What most people do not know. This is going to come as a shock, Sunday, I made a verbal commitment to Ole Miss."

Who else was in the running? "Arkansas, Auburn, Florida State, and Mississippi State."

Any offers? "All of those schools offered."

Have you informed the other schools yet? "I have a couple, like Arkansas and Auburn. FSU and MSU do not know yet, but I am going to call them to let them know."

Did you take an official visit with Ole Miss over the weekend? "I went Friday, and I just got back last night."

Did anyone accompany you? "No, I just flew over there by myself."

What all did you learn about Ole Miss during your visit? "I had already had a great relationship with Coach Rod Barnes, their head coach. We talked about their academics, first of all. They showed me a plan, a good plan. I just felt at home. Their campus is not too big not too small. I can not explain how their people treat you down there. That place called the Grove was straight. Everybody, I mean everybody, they just all treat you like family. I also met some of their players. I got a chance to play with them, and I felt like my game fit in nicely with theirs."

Who recruited you for Ole Miss? "Michael White."

Do you have anymore official visits lined up? "Yes sir, I am scheduled to visit all of those schools that I told you about."

Will you still take your official visits? "See, I do not know. I still might take a visit to Arkansas and probably Auburn. I just do not know yet."

Did you inform the Ole Miss staff that you still might take some other visits? "Yes sir. They were like, once you are committed, we are married (laugh), you know. They told me once you get married, the dating has to stop, but it is a decision I will really have to think about."

Do you feel solid with your decision? "Right now, I feel real solid, but you never know what might happen in the future. But right now, I am committed to Ole Miss."

When are you expected to graduate? "In May."

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