Xavier Talks About His Commitment To Ole Miss

You never know what might turn a recruit's head your way. It could be playing time. Prestige of the school. Facilities. Relationship with the coaches. Talent on the team. Atmosphere on campus, or it might be a combination of all of the above. That is what makes recruiting so fun, and at the same time, so agonizing at the same time. </font></p> <p>It looks like Ole Miss' success on the recruiting trails this year led to the commitment of Xavier Webb.

When Xavier saw that Ole Miss had committed two blue chip power forward/center prospects, he saw an opportunity to play on the wing and get a lot of open looks. That is what big time post players do, they free up the guards so they can do their thing.

Is that not how it usually plays out? Good recruiting equals good players. Good players equal winning and winning equals good recruiting. This is the vicious cycle that every coach strives for, winning and great recruiting.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Xavier Webb:

Did you make it in for your scheduled official visit to Ole Miss this past weekend? "Yes sir."

Did anyone accompany you? "My mother and little sister came with me."

How did they like Ole Miss? "They liked it a lot. It was a little crowded, so they did not get to see a lot of the campus, but they liked what they saw."

What did you learn about Ole Miss that you did not know from before? "I liked the way the classes are all in one area. The athletes have easy access to the gym too. It is not too far from the dorms. Most of all though, I liked the people down there. They are real friendly people."

Who was your host for the weekend? "Brian Smith and Justin Johnson. They were real outgoing and fun to be around. I thought I fit in well with them, and the rest of the guys too."

How did your meeting with Coach Barnes go? "It went real well. That was what put the icing on the cake for me to commit."

What did Coach Barnes say to you during that meeting? "He just told me that he needs me, and I need him to make it to that next level. At Ole Miss, I can play at the position I need to make it to the pros. He also talked about how much direct attention he gives to his players, and that I might not get that at another school."

Which position are you going to play at Ole Miss? "The 3 (Wing Guard, ala Aaron Harper)."

Are you keeping up with Ole Miss' recruiting class they are putting together? "Oh, yes sir, real close."

Has that had any influence with your decision? "It really has. I saw where they had two good big guys already committed, and I knew that would give me a chance to play the wing. That did play a big part in my decision. It really did."

Will you still take your allowed official visits? "No sir, I am through with this recruiting stuff. I am going to Ole Miss."

Xavier carries a 2.4 GPA and a 16 on his ACT.

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