Austin Divinity Is One To Watch

Austin Divinity</b> (CB, Utica, MS) - Austin rushed for 850 yards and accounted for 19 TD's at quarterback and collected 7 interceptions at cornerback the 2003 campaign. Divinity was named District 2 MVP for his play on the field. <br><br>This season, Divinity has continued to make waves on the field as he is averaging over 10 yard per rush and has scored 8 times in the first three games.<br><br>

Colleges from all over the South have begun to take notice, as Ole Miss and Alabama have already offered. Arkansas, Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi, and Auburn have contacted Austin by phone this month.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Austin Divinity:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 0", 187, and I run a 4.38 forty."

What is your current bench, squat and vertical jump? "I bench 260, squat 405, and I have a 36" vertical."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Wide Receiver or Defensive Back. And some coaches are looking me at running back. A couple of schools are looking at me as an option quarterback, but they are mainly looking at me for cornerback."

What are your strengths on the field? "I feel I have the ability to score on both sides of the ball. I outrun everybody. I am quick on my feet, and I have good hands."

What are you trying to work on to take your game to the next level? "Mainly getting myself ready physically. With experience, I will get there mentally. It is just a matter of time. Right now, I am using Alabama's workout schedule. A buddy of mine plays for them, and he game me his workout booklet. I am in the gym 2 hours a day."

Did you get a chance to attend any camps this summer? "No sir, I went to some last year, but not this summer. I went to the schools who are recruiting me real hard."

Which schools are you speaking of? "I went to Ole Miss, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi, Alabama, and Auburn. I went to all of their camps."

How long have you been starting for Hinds County Ag? "Since my freshman season."

Which positions have you played during your high school career? "I have started at QB and CB the past two years. I started at QB and S in my sophomore and junior years. I have also returned the kickoffs and punts all four years. This year, I punt and kick fields goals too."

What were your stats as a junior? "I rushed for 850 yards and 19 TD's on offense. I had 7 interceptions on defense."

Any awards? "Yes sir, I was named District MVP. I was also our school's MVP on Offense and Special Teams."

How is your season going this year? "Pretty good. We are 4 - 0 so far. I have 18 carries for 195 yards and 8 TD's. On defense, I have 12 tackles and 1 interception."

Have you won any weekly awards? "The Clarion Ledger had me as their Player of the Week (Blitz 16) once. That is all that I know of."

Which schools are the most interested in you? "All of the SEC schools are heavily recruiting me. La Monroe and Southern Mississippi also call. Princeton and Harvard write me all of the time, but I do not know. I am looking at the SEC mostly."

Any scholarship offers? "Ole Miss and Alabama have."

Which schools have contacted you by phone this month? "Ole Miss, Arkansas, Alabama, MSU, and La Monroe. That is about it."

Who called first? "Ole Miss. No, Coach Woods (Bama) and Hopson (UM) called on the same day."

Which coach has made the biggest impact with you so far? "Coach Hopson. He is pretty cool. He writes me personally on a little card every week. He is always asking me if I still want to come to Ole Miss. He asks about my games, and he always wants me to come to their games. He just tells me to keep Ole Miss on my mind."

Which schools have made the biggest with you so far? "I like the SEC. I really want to play in the SEC. I like Ole Miss, like I said, and Alabama. I really like those two schools. LSU seems to be pretty cool too. Those 3 SEC schools seem to be at the top of my list."

What all do you like about Ole Miss? "If I choose Ole Miss, I believe I can come in and start my freshman year. I really feel that way with all of the schools, but after watching them this past weekend, there is a real chance that I can start there next year."

Did you attend the Ole Miss/Vandy game? "Yes sir. I went to that game."

How did your visit go? "I really liked their staff. They seemed pretty nice. I did not know Ole Miss was that big. I also like the location. It is nice at Ole Miss."

Have you attended anymore college games? "I went to the Alabama/Ole Miss game."

What are Alabama's positives? "I believe if I went to Alabama, I have a strong chance to play next year. They need some immediate help."

And LSU? "They are pretty cool. They have a lot of guys who are playing the position I want to play though. So, I do not know, but if they offer me I will take them into consideration."

Which position do you want to play? "Either cornerback or safety."

What will be some other factors in your decision? "I have to see their campus first. I will check the atmosphere for their students. What activities will they have for the students? Just how their people are in general. I want to make sure it is a safe environment too. I will also look at the guys who played there and what they are doing now. And lastly, I want to see what type of education they can provide for their student athletes. That is about it."

Austin carries a 3.6 GPA and a 21 on the ACT.

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