It is this attribute plus Jerry's physical tools, 6' 6", 300 and benches over 400 lbs, that makes John a target for many schools.">

It is this attribute plus Jerry's physical tools, 6' 6", 300 and benches over 400 lbs, that makes John a target for many schools.">

John Jerry off to a big start.

John Jerry</b> (DT/OT, Batesville, MS) - John has been lucky enough to be a part of a program that has lost a total of one game during his career at South Panola. Not many are dealt that hand, but the ones who are, seem to have that extra drive that it takes to be a big time winner. </font> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2"><br><br>It is this attribute plus Jerry's physical tools, 6' 6&quot;, 300 and benches over 400 lbs, that makes John a target for many schools.

The following information was revealed during our interview with John Jerry

Word has it that you have lost some weight; is this true? "Yea, it has been tough, but I have done it. I got down to my goal. I weigh a straight up 300 lbs."

Did you get a chance to attend any football camps this past summer? "We only went to two, East Central CC and Ole Miss."

How is South Panola doing this year? "We all right. We are 4 - 0 right now."

Which position(s) are you playing? "I have been playing defensive tackle right now. That is all I have been playing."

What do your stats look like? "They all right. We are usually so far ahead by half-time, so you know, they let the younger kids play. I have 14 tackles and 4 sacks so far."

Which position do you see yourself playing next year? "Man, it does not even matter to me. I just want to play."

Have you received any weekly awards yet? "I was Player of the Week."

Which colleges have been calling you this month? "Man, there have been a few. I got a call from Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi, and Memphis."

Do you feel like any one school is showing you the most love? "I really have not gotten into all of that yet. I have just been keeping my focus on South Panola."

Any offers yet? "No sir, not yet."

How is your brother, Peria Jerry, doing? "I just got off the phone with him right before you called? "He is doing good. He said he likes it up at Hargrave (Military Prep School)."

Which position is he playing? "He is playing defensive tackle, at least until he loses some more weight."

What does he currently weigh? "He is down to 282. He was up to 290, but he lost about 7 or 8 pounds."

Which colleges are you keeping a close eye on? "Well, probably Auburn, Memphis, MSU, and Ole Miss."

Which coach do you feel like you have developed the tightest bond with? "Especially Coach Luke from Ole Miss. He is my main man."

What all do you like about Auburn? "I just like their style of football."

What are Memphis' positives? "Really, that is where all of my people are from. I just like it up there."

What about MSU? "I just like the atmosphere down there."

And Ole Miss? "They got my boys over there. It is close to home, and I would love to play with Jamarca (Sanford) and my brother (Peria Jerry) again."

Has Ole Miss not offered you yet? "He just has not come out and said it, but Coach Luke said he is going to get to it. I know he wants to say it though."

Have you had a chance to attend any football games this fall? "I went to the Ole Miss/Memphis and MSU/Auburn games. Those four schools are pretty much the ones I am looking at, so I went and checked them out."

What are you looking for, when you are trying to find the best school for you? "I am just looking for a place where I can play early. I want to play early."

How is school going? "It is coming pretty good. I have been working hard in the classroom, and I just have to keep it up."

Did you get a chance to take any classes this summer? "Yes sir, I took a few and did good in them."

Do you now have a chance to finish all of your needed classes by the end of the year? "Yes sir."

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