Jeremy is out to prove doubters wrong

Jeremy Bibbs</b> (RB, N' West Rankin, MS) - Jeremy was rated as one of the elite running back prospects in the country and arguable Mississippi's #1 prospect going into the 2004 campaign. <br><br>An off the field problem came up during the off season which quieted the publicity and opportunities that were sure to come Bibbs' way. Since this incident occurred, Jeremy has turned his life around and is out to prove the doubters wrong. <br><br>

On the football field, Jeremy has simply run over or around any would be tacklers. In his two games of action (missed last two games with a high ankle sprain), Bibbs is averaging nearly 250 yards rushing and 2 TD's per game.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jeremy Bibbs:

What are you currently weighing these days? "I am a little over 6' 1", and I weigh 210."

Did you get a chance to attend any summer camps during the off-season? "I went to Mississippi State's football camp and Ole Miss' basketball camp."

How is your season going? "Right now, we are 3 - 1. Personally, it is going good for me. I have had to miss the last two games because I turned my ankle over pretty good, but I will be back this Friday against Oak Grove. In the two games I have played in, I have rushed for 494 yards and 4 TD's."

Any awards during this time frame? "I was named Mississippi's Player of the Week (Clarion Ledger) when we played Pearl. I had 255 yards rushing in that game."

Have you received any phone calls from the recruiters this month? "Yes sir. Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Memphis, Southern Mississippi, and La Tech call pretty much every week."

Any early offers? "No sir."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "The closest games to me are Ole Miss and MSU. When Ole Miss played Memphis, I was kind of watching Memphis too. Those three schools are the only ones I have really had a chance to watch."

Which school has made the biggest impact with you? "Mississippi State and Ole Miss. They are probably equal. They are about the same."

What attracts you to MSU? "I know a lot of players who go to MSU, like Richard Burch, Jerious Norwood, Quinton Culbertson, and Jason Husband. And I like their staff. They seem pretty cool."

What are Ole Miss' positives? "Really, the same things. I know a lot of players who go there, like Jayme Mitchell, Mike Espy, Chris Spencer, and Kelvin Robinson. I also competed against some of the players they signed last year, like Garry Pack and Terrell Jackson. Coach Hopson always visits the school or calls, and Coach Cutcliffe seems like a pretty decent coach."

Who do you feel is giving you the most love? "Probably both schools. They are probably equal because they do the same amount of things. It is going to come down to Mississippi State and Ole Miss."

What are you going to look for when you are trying to make that decision? "Like which position they are recruiting me to play. Will I fit into their system? If I do play running back, how many tailbacks do they have in their system, and how many are they recruiting?"

Which position is Ole Miss and Mississippi State recruiting you to play? "Running back, but some of the fans who attended Ole Miss and MSU say I look like a linebacker."

Does that bother you? "No, not really."

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