Louis Ellis is up to 7 scholarship offers

</b><br> <b>Louis Ellis</b> (DT, Jackson, MS) - One of the South's top defensive line prospects sustained a high ankle sprain against Jackson Provine last week. Louis will have to miss Friday's game but is expected to be back on the field the following week.<br> <br>Ellis has now been offered by Ole Miss, LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn, Memphis, Marshall, and Oklahoma State.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Louis Ellis:

What are you up to these days? "Right around 282."

How is your season going? "It is going all right. We are 1 - 4. I have been hurt more than anytime I have been playing football."

Your feelings are hurt or are you physically hurt? "I got a high ankle sprain against Provine last Friday. I guess I will miss next week, but I should be back the week after that. I caught a pass up the middle for 15 yards and my ankle rolled when I was making a cut."

Are you playing some tight end? "No, fullback, but not no more. The only way I am going to have a ball in my hands is if someone fumbles (laugh). I need to get my defensive stats up. I have five more games, but I need 15 more sacks. I have 5 right now, but my goal was 20. I have been getting tripled teamed all year. It has been tough."

What are your stats for the season? "I have 30 something solos and 14 assists. I also have 5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles."

Any weekly awards? "Not that I know of."

What most do you feel like you have improved on this year? "My speed. I got a little triple technique that can get my away from the triple team, and you know my speed makes me a side line to side line type of player."

Tell is a little about your triple technique? "Well, I flip my forearm on one, and then I spin where ever the ball is going. I always spin to the ball. I do what ever it takes to get off of my blocks so I can go get the ball. Sometimes I will just stay low and just run right through them. It all depends on what the situation calls for."

Which colleges have offered you a scholarship? "I have Ole Miss. They offered me first. And I have LSU, Mississippi State, Auburn offered me, Southern Mississippi, Memphis, and Marshall."

Which schools are you keeping an eye on? "All of them because I have not made a commitment yet, so I will have to sit down with my family and make that choice."

Have you been to any games this fall, and do you have any future visits lined up? "I went to the Mississippi State game when they played Maine and Tulane. I am going to make some Ole Miss games, probably Tennessee and Auburn. And I think I am going to go check Southern Mississippi out."

Who do you feel like is showing you the most love right now? "I would say LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Memphis. And I forgot, Oklahoma State offered me too. They have been calling a lot."

Why did you decommit from Ole Miss? "Because when I took some visits, the coaches were asking me if I still wanted them to recruit me. I was like, yes, and they said I better decommit from Ole Miss then. And plus, they were telling me that I was going to get more playing time. They said I would play early if I went there. I mean, Ole Miss was my school, but I was like, maybe I made a mistake by committing to them so early in my junior year. I just told myself to wait and see at the end of my senior season."

What did Ole Miss say to you when you told them that you were no longer committed to them? "Coach Hopson thought I was not interested in them anymore because I took it (commitment) off. I told him it was nothing like that. I told him that he was still my boy, but that I just wanted to wait."

Where do you now stand, academically? "Well, I made a 14 on the ACT test last year, but I am retaking it after the October test. I am just studying for it right now. I go to a tutor everyday. My grades are looking really good this year too. I am doing my best."

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