One of nation's elite prospects visits UM

<b>Scott Van Slyke</b> (RF, St. Louis, MO) - Many know about Scott's father, Andy Vanslyke, the former All-Star center fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. But make no mistake about it, Scott is more than just a &quot;name&quot;, he is one of the elite prospects for the 2004/2005 class. <br> <br>

Van Slyke has narrowed his choices down to Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Miami, and Alabama. The Rebels are the only school to receive an official visit so far, but Scott is scheduled to visit MSU (10/29) and will most likely take an official visit to Miami and Alabama unless a commitment is made before hand.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Scott Vanslyke:

What is your current height, weight, and what do you run the 60 yard dash in? "I am 6' 5", 210, and I run a a 6.8 sixty."

Which position do you currently play? "On my high school team, I play SS and 3B. For my summer league team, I play CF."

Which high school do you attend? "John Burroughs."

AAU Team? "Brentwood Legions. We are in Post 101."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Right Field."

Which side do you throw and bat from? "I throw and bat from the right side."

Did you attend any showcase tournaments this summer? "Yes sir, Area Code (CA) and Perfect Games (FL)."

Do you remember what you were ranked? "No, but it is somewhere around on the internet."

What are your defensive and offensive strengths? "Fielding, I have a pretty accurate arm. I have pretty good velocity. I cover some ground in the outfield because how long I am. Hitting, I can hit for an average, as well as power. I am starting to understand my strike zone."

How long have you been starting for John Burroughs? "Since my freshman season."

What were your stats as a junior? "I think I hit, in high school, like .515 with maybe 12 HR's and 56 RBI's."

Any awards? "I made 1st Team All-State and All-St. Louis."

What was your team's record last year? "We got to the district finals and lost by 2 runs. We were the #8 seed."

Which schools are in the running for your service? "Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Wichita State was because but I canceled my visit. I want to play in the Southeastern Conference or somewhere in the South. I might be going down to Miami for an official pretty soon, and I am also interested in Alabama."

Which schools have you lined up an official visit with? "I went to Ole Miss last weekend, and I go to MSU on October 29th."

What all did you learn about Ole Miss during your trip that you did not know from before? "I did not know much about Ole Miss, but they have a beautiful campus. I really liked their atmosphere a lot. All of their sports have really picking up the past few years, especially their baseball team. That is what got me really interested in them. I did not get to stick around to learn much more than that."

What most did you like about Ole Miss? "I really like their coaches and players. They were all real friendly and you could tell they were comfortable with each other. I would like to be a part of that. That is what really caught my eye, how comfortable everyone seems."

What did you think about your friend, Evan Button, committing to Ole Miss? "Wow, I did not know that. Now, knowing that, it would be nice having him with me for my first year. Yea, that is nice to know."

What attracts to you to MSU? "I think just the tradition of their baseball program. I want to see if there are any differences between the two. Ole Miss definitely has the better campus environment, but I want to compare the two baseball environment's."

What do you like about Miami? "A few seniors from our school, who do not play sports, go to Miami. They said everything is awesome down there. Their weather, night life, campus, all of it. I just want to know the differences between the schools and decide from there."

What about Alabama? "One of the players that my brother played with plays at Alabama. I think they got a 2nd seed at the SEC Tournament. He said all of the players are real close. I am getting all of this information first hand. That definitely stroke my interest."

Who do you feel is recruiting you the hardest? "Wichita State was at first. They called me first and they were the first to offer me. I told them I would come in for a visit. But after visiting Ole Miss, I knew the South is where I wanted to be. Ole Miss also had a lot to do with me canceling. I was real happy at Ole Miss. What they said, and how they treated me. I just like it a lot down there."

What will you be looking for when it comes decision time? "Obviously, the caliber of their team and coaching. That is my first priority. I just want to be comfortable there. Where it does not feel like I am away from home."

What is your academic status? "I have a 3.1 GPA and an 1110 SAT."

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