From the Locker Room

The Ole Miss Rebels were pleased with the 31-28 win at South Carolina. Here's what they had to say postgame.

RB Alan Abrams: (On what Ole Miss saw in the USC defense that allowed them to feel they could run the football) It's not so much what we saw in their defense. We just knew our offensive line would do the job and our backs needed to run hard. It worked. There were some big holes. (On what the win means) It was a big win for us. It will help propel us to the next game and more.

QB Micheal Spurlock: (On using three quarterbacks) Whatever it takes to win the game. We used Robert (Lane) and me on some run plays, and we used Ethan (Flatt) on some pass plays. It feels good to win. (On how he feels about the situation where he started early in the season, didn't play much, and is playing some again) I'm fine. We're out there having fun again. Just going out and playing football again, and trying to get victories.

QB Robert Lane: (On the three QBs playing) We worked on that this week. Mike and I can both run fairly well, and Ethan can sit in the pocket and throw it. Mike and I can do that also. But we just went through stuff this week and basically tried to see what we could do to win this game. It's been tough (this season). We were just going to throw everything at them, and that's what we did and came out with a win. (On how he found out about the three QB situation) Coach (Kurt) Roper told us during the week to stay ready and that they didn't know what was going to happen. He told us to stand by Coach (T,D,) Woods and to have our helmets strapped on and ready to go in at any time. We knew to be ready. (On what it was like to get in a game for the first time in college) I loved it. I felt like I was at home. That's where I feel the most comfortable. I get in my own world and have fun and try to win football games. They know that I can do this. I know that I can do this. It doesn't matter what I have to do to win the football game. That's what we all did today. (On his TD run) I got a good block from the fullback or somebody. The offensive line did a great job today. I basically just lowered my head and found the end zone. (On the gameplan to run the football on USC's tough defense, and how it worked so well) That's us. We've got five guys up front who can get it done. We're not going to change anything we do. We're going to run it, pass it, stay balanced. We felt we could go in and compete with them. We knew they hadn't given up much rushing yards. But we said what the heck. Might as well try, and it worked.

QB Ethan Flatt: (On the winning touchdown pass to Bill Flowers) It worked out for us. Bill made an unbelievable play. He's made some of the biggest catches the past four years. You have to hand it to him. He made a great play. (On the three quarterback system) It was great. It takes so much pressure off you as an individual. I thought it was very successful. We confused them at the beginning. Hopefully it will continue to work. They just told us to be ready, and we were able to convert a little better today. (On the difference in the offense lately and it becoming more effective) I think it's the running game, and Vashon Pearson is a big part of that. They had to respect him and the rushing attack. That opened up some stuff downfield.

WR Bill Flowers: (On the winning catch) We had to have a touchdown. I got around the corner. Ethan threw the ball up. I knew I had to get it. It worked. (On the early part of the season) It's been frustrating for many reasons. To come back and win this game is great. I trusted in the Lord. I've been calm in the storm and let my faith carry me through. Trust. Completely trusting.

LB Patrick Willis: (On believing they could win at USC) We just all played. I just gave it my all. When you play hard and your teammates play hard, good things are going to happen. (On his big plays in the game) I just kept moving to the football and not giving up. When you don't give up, as I said, good things will happen.

LB Rob Robertson: (On the win) We needed that one. We came over here expecting to win. We had a good week of preparation. We started out this game better and that was important. They didn't have much success running the ball early, and that helped. (On beating a ranked team) It just feels good to get a win, ranked or not. We knew they were a good team, a quality opponent. Everybody we'll play from here on out will be like that. This gives us confidence. It gives us some momentum going into Tennessee.

OL Doug Buckles (On the game-winning touchdown play) It's fourth down. We had to have it. It was a team effort. Everybody did their job. Big players made big plays. I knew on that last drive we were going to go downfield. We had the quarterback. We had the receivers. I knew I'd do my job. I knew Chris was going to do his. I knew Marcus was going to do his. And that's what we did. (On the South Carolina defense) They made a decision to play it straight up. Not splits. Not slants. Therefore we used that to our advantage. We moved the ball pretty good. We just teed off. I expected them to be stunting and blitzing, and they didn't. We got some later in the game, but by then we were already in a rhythm.

OL Marcus Johnson: (On the victory) I was proud to see this team play for 60 minutes. We needed this. I was proud of Bill Flowers. I was proud of all the quarterbacks today. I'm happy we got the W against a very good South Carolina defense that is No. 1 in the SEC, giving up only seven points a game and like 90-95 yards a game. To go out there and do what we did, I was proud of our offense.

RB Vashon Pearson: (On running the football against USC) Our offensive line is the best in the SEC. There's nobody we line up against our O-Line can't block. (On the spark the team had today by the three quarterbacks) Oh yeah, especially when I saw Robert Lane run that touchdown. That gave the team a big spark. We mixed it up and had their defense on their heels and off balance. A lot of people doubted us coming over here. Hopefully we went out and proved ourselves today.

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