Jeff Cottam (TE, Germantown, TN) - One of the South's top prospects was at Ole Miss this past Saturday. We called to see how his visit went."> Jeff Cottam (TE, Germantown, TN) - One of the South's top prospects was at Ole Miss this past Saturday. We called to see how his visit went.">

Cottam sets three official visits, two to go

<a href="">Jeff Cottam </a>(TE, Germantown, TN) - <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">One of the South's top prospects was at Ole Miss this past Saturday. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jeff Cottam :

What is your current playing weight? "I am 6' 7", 260."

How is Germantown's season going? "We are 6 - 3 right now. We were struggling on offense at the beginning of the season, but we are marching down the the field pretty good now. I think we have turned it around."

Why did you get off to a slow start? "I guess it was the inexperience."

What are your personal stats for the season? "I have 10 catches for 150 yards. On defense, I have around 50 tackles and 3 sacks."

Any awards? "I was named Preseason All-State. Super Prep named me to their All-American team too."

Are any schools recruiting you for defense? "Not really."

Which position do you play on defense? "Defensive tackle, but in our defense, the tackles are like ends in a normal defense. We run a 3 - 3- 5."

Earlier, you were concerned that some schools would put you at offensive line on the next level; is that still a factor? "No, pretty much all of the ones I am interested in are now recruiting me for tight end. I have not heard anything about OL lately."

What most have you improved on this season? "I guess blocking (laugh). We really are not a throwing team, so there really is not much happening there (laugh). I am just trying to stay on my blocks longer. Just staying with it."

Which schools have now offered you a scholarship? "Wow, a lot. North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Arkansas, Vandy, Notre Dame is about to, Missouri, Clemson, Mississippi State, and a few more, but that is the majority of them."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "Well, Tennessee and Ole Miss are my top 2. Behind them, probably Auburn, Alabama, and probably Notre Dame."

Have you attended any games this fall? "I have been to two Tennessee games and I just got back from Ole Miss yesterday."

How did your visit to Ole Miss go? "It was good. The crowd, they were awesome. It was an exciting atmosphere. I love their new facility. It is really nice. I like their coaches a lot too. It looks like if I go there, I will have a spot. I will fit in real good down there."

What did you think of Tennessee during your visits? "Their stadium impresses me. Their crowd, how noise it gets. They have a pretty nice staff as well. I like it because my brother goes there. I would like to play with him, but I am not real sure yet."

Does the fact that you would be competing for playing time against your brother play a role in your decision? "Yea, that is one of the things that concerns me about Tennessee, but if we are both good athletes, they can probably get us both on the field."

What are going to be the main factors in your decision? "How they use their tight ends. How much of an impact I can make on their team. Their coaching staff. How good their team has been over the last few years, not just this year. I guess that is really it."

Taking what you said; do you think you can make an impact at Ole Miss? "Yea, I feel like they could use me because they are losing their starting tight end this year. I could play next year if I went there. Yea, I feel like I can make an impact at Ole Miss. There is no doubt in my mind I could."

Impact at Tennessee? "Oh, well, me and my brother argue about that. He says I will probably start my freshman year, but I think he is just saying that to get me to come up there (laugh). I think I could make an impact, but not off the bat."

Have you lined up any official visits? "Yea, I think I am going to Tennessee on November 7th, Auburn November 13th, and I was suppose to go to Ole Miss next weekend, but my Uncle is getting married on the same day. I forgot about that, so I will have to call them and reschedule that visit."

Jeff carries a 3.2 GPA and a 22 on the ACT.

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