Todd Cox (LB, Memphis, TN) - The #9 nationally ranked LB prospect was in town for the Ole Miss/Tennessee game. We called to see how his visit went.">
Todd Cox (LB, Memphis, TN) - The #9 nationally ranked LB prospect was in town for the Ole Miss/Tennessee game. We called to see how his visit went.">

Todd Cox soaks in Ole Miss game

<a href=""><br> <b>Todd Cox</b></a> (LB, Memphis, TN) - The #9 nationally ranked LB prospect was in town for the Ole Miss/Tennessee game. We called to see how his visit went.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Todd Cox:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 1", 200, and I run a 4.4 forty."

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Some like me at linebacker. If I do not gain anymore weight, some want to put me at safety. And lately, some are telling me that I might play wide receiver."

What are your strengths on the field? "Probably my speed and quickness to the ball."

What are you trying to work on for the next level? "I just want to stay healthy and get stronger and faster."

Did you get a chance to attend any football camps this summer? "I just went to the Ole Miss (Sr) camp. I went to a combine in Memphis, but I had a pulled groin."

How long have you been starting for Harding Academy (Div 11)2A? "Ever since the 8th grade."

Which positions have you played during that time frame? "Linebacker, running back, and wide receiver."

What were your stats as a junior? "I had 950 rushing yards and 17 TD's on 80 carries. I also had 3 catches for 73 receiving yards and 2 TD's. I am not sure about my defensive stats."

Any awards? "I was named to the Commercial Appeal's Best of the Preps team, and I made All-State."

How is your season going this year? "We are 5 - 4. They changed up our offense, so I have been playing mostly WR instead of RB this year. I also start at LB. I have 6 or 7 sacks, but I do not know the rest of my offensive or defensive stats."

Have any weekly awards come your way? "I was inducted into the Memphis Touchdown's Hall of Fame, and I was nominated as an All-American by Tom Lemming."

Which schools seem to be the most serious with you? "I get phone calls from everybody that has offered, but Tennessee, Ole Miss, Memphis, Oklahoma, Florida, and Auburn keep in contact with me the most."

Which schools have been the most consistent from day one until now? "Probably Memphis, Tennessee, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Florida a little bit."

Who all has offered you a scholarship? "Wow, I will probably leave out a lot of schools, but the ones that come off the top of my head are North Carolina, USC, FSU, Miami, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, LSU, Memphis, Oklahoma, and Arkansas."

Are these schools recruiting you more for defense or offense? "Some think safety until I gain some more weight. Some say, if I want to, wide receiver. I really am not sure yet."

Which position do you want to play on the next level? "Probably defense, linebacker or safety."

Have you attended any college football games this fall? "Yes sir, I went up to Tennessee to see them play Florida. I stayed in town and watched Memphis play UT - Chattanooga a few weeks back. And last weekend, I went to Ole Miss to see them play Tennessee."

How did your Ole Miss visit go? "It was good. I had fun."

Anyone accompany you? "My mom and dad came down and a teammate of mine came with me too."

How did your parents like Ole Miss? "I think they liked it OK."

What did you learn about Ole Miss during your stay? "Nothing really. I have already been down there a few times. They just took us around the facilities. They showed us their new indoor facility. They have some impressive facilities down here. After we looked at the facility, we walked to the game."

How was the overall atmosphere at Ole Miss? "I liked the atmosphere. It was exciting."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "I like Florida and Tennessee a lot, and I am also looking at Ole Miss, Auburn, and Arkansas."

Have you set up any official visits? "Not yet, I will probably wait until after the season is over, which will be in a couple of weeks."

What attracts you to Florida? "I like the defense they play. I just like their style of football."

What are Tennessee's positives? "Coach Trooper and I have a good relationship, and I like their game day atmosphere."

What do you like about Ole Miss? "I like how hard their players compete. I also like their style on offense and defense."

What about Auburn? "Really, their record. They have two strong running backs and a strong defense."

What are Arkansas' positives? "I like how Coach Nutt handles his team and what kind of person he is. He is easy to talk to."

What will be some factors in your decision? "I just want to have a good relationship with all of the players. And I will look at the atmosphere around the campus."

Todd carries a B average and a 20 on his ACT test.

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