From the Locker Room -

No Rebel player had their heads hung over the effort, but in the area of performance there was no solace for them in their 35-14 loss to number three rated Auburn.

C Chris Spencer: (On the game) "Simple - too many mistakes. Against a team like Auburn, you have to be careful with the ball and not give them any cheap opportunties. We didn't do that tonight and it cost us dearly. We gave them field position in the fourth quarter time and time again - poor special teams' play, turnovers, penalties. It spells defeat against a team of their ability." (On Auburn's defensive front) "They were very fast, up front and on the linebacker level, but we matched up with them from a strength standpoint. We got after them pretty good. You don't gain 430 yards is you are being dominated. It all goes back to the turnover/penalty thing. To come up with 430 yards of offense and still put up a loss doesn't feel good. Up front, we played with a lot of energy and effort, but we gave up too many sacks." (On the drive that fell short on fourth-and-one at the Auburn 7) "That was a big drive for us. We needed that to give us a little more momentum. We should have made one yard no matter what the call was. We were confident going to the line, but we didn't execute the play at the worst possible time."

SS Kelvin Robinson: (On the game) "Too many mistakes, too many turnovers, too many penalties. Against a team like Auburn, that means a loss. It makes me sick that we were so ready to play and go out there and make that many key mistakes this late in the season. All we have to do is look in the mirror." (On special teams' play) "We made dumb plays. You can't hold or facemask or hit a guy in the back. Dumb." (On going toe-to-toe with Auburn) "They are a good team, but we were right there with another chance to win that we didn't pull off. We are just struggling right now trying to get things to go our way. We gave them a short field the whole fourth quarter. We just gave it to them. If they had earned everything, I would be the first one in here congratulating them, but we gave this game away." (On his shoulder) "I have a sprained AC joint and have had it for two or three weeks. I fell on it and sprained it again, but I went back in. I'll be OK. This time of the year, you just have to suck it up and go."

CB Travis Johnson: (On the game) "We played good in the first half except for that late drive. We had a great goalline stand where everyone came together, but in the second half we fell apart with penalties, turovers and giving up big plays. The fourth quarter was a nightmare for us. I thought we were in good shape going into the fourth quarter, but we just blew up and got blown out." (On the penalties and mistakes) "If you are playing the number three team in the nation, you can't make any mistakes. You have to be nearly perfect, but we were far from that. Auburn has a really good team. I'm not taking anything away from them, but this is the way our season has gone so far. It's discouraging because we know in our hearts that there is a good team lurking underneath the surface somewhere, but we haven't been able to bring it out much when we needed it the most." (On the 99-yard drive) "It hurt, but we were only down 7-0 at halftime. That's anyone's game. The big drive to me was to open the second half. They went up 14-0 and then we are kind of in scramble mode. We had to get out of our gaemplan a little and it threw us off." (On the outcome) "We played too hard for this game to end like this, but that's what happens when you don't play well. It's not enough to play hard, you have to use your brain too."

QB Ethan Flatt: (On Auburn's pass rush) "They were quick up front, but their rush was different from Tennessee's. Tennessee didn't have as much talent behind their defensive linemen as Auburn does. Against Auburn, it was more a matter of receivers being covered and their drops effectively covering zones. It was a better combination between rush and coverage, which made getting the to the quarterback more effective. They really didn't blitz that much. Their front four twisted and slanted and it worked for them several key times." (On not getting the fourth-and-one on Auburn's seven) "It was the right call. We needed to be aggressive and get a touchdown there and that's a play we feel will work every time. At the same time, if you live by the sword, you can die by the sword. It proved costly when we didn't get it." (On the next three games) "We are just playing them one at a time. Arkansas is always tough at home and presents us with a lot of problems. We just have to get better and stay confident. We fully expected to win tonight and we will fully expect to win against Arkansas. We have a sense of urgency, we just have to get things more fine-tuned." (On his two TD passes) "Bill just ran right by them on our first score. Auburn was sitting on our receivers on third down a little and he just put a move on the corner and went by him. On Taye Biddle's TD, we schemed that up just for their defense. We wanted to isolate him on their free safety - that's a matchup we like. It worked well."

TB Jamal Pittman: (On his play) "I have to crawl before I can walk. Tonight was just to get me back in the flow and I agreed with that. I felt good out there. I was pumped up. It was a great feeling to get in a game after what I have been through the last three months or so. I'm grateful. I just want to win and if I get a chance to play more I will make the most of it. I got a good confidence boost tonight, but we are a team and we win and lose together. We want to win and anything besides that is not acceptable."

QB Robert Lane: (On the mistakes) "It's disturbing we make the same mistakes this late in the season. That comes from practice. You have to practice like it's a game and sometimes I think we don't do that, including me. That's something we all have to work on. I think that showed tonight. We didn't execute when we had our chances and their big-time players executed when they had their opportunities. When they needed a play, they got it by taking advantages of our mistakes." (On the team) "I think we have improved the last three games, but that's no consolation to us. To keep saying we are improving and still losing, we don't want to hear. We have to come out, practice and learn to win. We want to win around here, not be known as the team that got better during the year but still ended up 3-8. We need wins. We will take it one game at a time and play hard. Hopefully, we will play better as well as playing hard."

DT Michael Bozeman: (On the game) "We had them where we wanted them in the first half, but we fell apart with mistakes and penalties in the second half, especially the fourth quarter. You can't play three quarters and then have a poor quarter against a team like Auburn. They will bury you." (On the feeling in the locker room) "It's confusing to us because everybody is playing as hard as they can, but we aren't getting results in the end. We are confident we are going to get it together, but our opportunities are running out."

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