Tuesday practice report

Due to rainy weather, the Rebels practiced for the first time in the new indoor practice facility. Everything went without a hitch and gave the team a little boost as it was nice for them, in an open week, not to have to battle the wet conditions.

The Rebs worked in full pads today during the first practice of the open week and made a little "history," Ole Miss style. It was the first workout on the field in the indoor practice facility.

"We were just cleared to use the field in the IPF and it came in the nick of time," said Coach David Cutcliffe. "There was a forecast for some heavy rains this afternoon and is a forecast for some more tomorrow. I also thought the change of scenery might give the guys a spark and I think it did. They were excited to use our new indoor field."

The Rebs worked fundamentals, worked on correcting some of the errors from Saturday's loss to Auburn, did some inside (running) drills, had some full speed passing drills without line play and worked on the early parts of the Arkansas gameplan.

"I thought we had pretty good work. The kids remain focused and are pushing themselves. That's good to see as discouraging as this season has been to this point," Cut continued. "We will have a full pad practice again tomorrow that will be basically the same as today only we will put more of the Arkansas gameplan in motion."

On the injury front, SS Kelvin Robinson (AC shoulder joint injury) was dressed out but was in a yellow jersey today, signifying no contact. . . OG Tony Bonds (AC shoulder joint injury) was also dressed out in a yelloow jersey and did not go through any contact drills. . . DE Jayme Mitchell (broken bone in ankle area) was not at practice. He is out indefinitely. . . DE Corey Mills (groin injury) is out for the season. . . DT Andrew Wicker (knee scope last week) was not at practice.

Also missing from practice was TB Vashon Pearson, who had a death in his family and will likely miss tomorrow too.

The only difference in the indoor practice field and the stadium field is the indoor field does not have a crown - it is perfectly flat. That is not a big deal because the Rebel game field only has a 6-inch crown, so there isn't much difference.

The indoor field has protective netting that is lowered during workouts so errant passes or kicks do not hit the interior walls and dent them. On the South end zone screen, there is a regulation goalpost painted for field goal kicking practice. Even though the ceilings are 76 feet high at the crest, there will be no punting inside, but there is plenty of room for field goals and kickoffs.

The indoor field also has film cameras hung on each end and on each side. They are mounted about 30 feet above ground level and are controlled by remote control, kind of like a computer game joy stick, from the film room inside the complex.

CB Bryant Thomas, who has missed the past two games with a hamstring pull, returned to practice today and said he felt 100% and ready to go. Bryant plays on most special teams and is the backup to starting CB Trumaine McBride.

In Mitchell's absence, RS frosh Brandon Jenkins is getting most of the number one snaps at left end. Corvelli Haynes, who backs up Cory Robinson on the right side, is also working on the left side in Jayme's absence. Brandon played extensively against Auburn and was pleased, with an asterisk, with his play.

"If that had been my second year of playing, I wouldn't have been real happy, but for my first extensive duty, I am OK with my effort," said the 6-5, 275-pounder. "Jayme was kind of beat up last week (minor knee problem) so I knew I'd get a lot of snaps. I didn't embarrass myself, but I now understand what the coaches are saying about playing with pad level and proper technique on every snap. That's the name of the game. I will get better, but for a first time out, I'm not unhappy."

WR Bill Flowers and QB Ethan Flatt said there was no evidence of any depth perception problems in being inside in the passing game. "I didn't notice anything different," said Flowers. "The quarterbacks were on the money all day - all three of them, so it didn't affect them from my viewpoint."

In pass drills, SS Edwin Gelin and FS Eric Oliver had interceptions. Edwin's came on a tipped pass in man coverage; Oliver's in a zone.

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