Men's basketball press conference

Coach Barnes walked into the press room, and his smile said it all. Who would not be down right giddy with the #3 class in the country, according to Hoops Scoops.<br> <br> The last twelve months have taken Coach Barnes from the lowest of lows with a disappointing season, to the highest of highs with his highest ranked recruiting class during his tenure.

The following information are quotes from Coach Barnes' press conference:

Speaking on how signing day has gone. "I am having an awesome day."

Commenting on the two signees today. (5 or 6 more are expected to sign by Friday).

Trey Hampton
Trey Hampton "I will just start off and say we thought he was a great catch for us. He is similar to Ansu Sesay. A kid that is going to play both small forward and power forward. He is a guy we watched early and one that we knew we needed to replace some guys that are leaving, like Kendrick Fox and Marvin Moore. He is a really athletic kid that we feel like can come in and contribute immediatly. We put a lot of time and investments in Trey. He is a great gift for us. It was one of those situations when we got him, it just kind of started a dominoe effect, and we started getting commitments from our main players. We are excited to have (Trey's) letter in. Excited to get a kid from what we call our region, (or at least) one of them. To go over to Alabama and get a player like Trey is a great gift for us."

Xavier Webb
Xavier Webb "I think he is one of the face up big men that I saw play this year. He can really shoot the ball. He is a very good shot blocker and rebounder. He is still a young kid. He just turned 17, so we think he can grow a couple of more inches. He is another kid that we put our sites on early, got a commitment from, and we are very fortunete. Both of those guys (Trey Hampton and Xavier Webb). Trey Hampton's coach is a former Auburn player, Lance Weems. He played there at Auburn, and (Trey) is really well coached. We just feel good that both of those guys are going to come in, and have really great size, and good athleticism. That is the future at the foward position. We got an opportunity (to add), not only with the quickness and atheticism, but we will (also) have the size with those two guys. Those are the two guys that we got (LOI's) today. Over the next two days, we will probably have 4, 5, or maybe even 6 more, so we are excited about that."

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