From the Locker Room -

As Rebel players filed in the media room after the one-sided 35-3 loss to Arkansas, they were basically at a loss for words. They tried to answer the questions that were posed as honestly as possible, but it was apparent they were searching for solutions and answers to the most recent debacle too.

QB Ethan Flatt: (On the flow of the game) I think at the beginning we were in shock to get down that much that quickly. We created a hole we couldn't get out of and it allowed them (Arkansas) to be a little more aggressive. And that was basically it. We tried spreading the ball around and finding something to go to, but it just wasn't happening. It was not a good day for us. (On the emotion of the game) We felt good on the sidelines, but it wasn't happening on the field. We made adjustments and got in the right schemes, but on the field it wasn't clicking. Obviously, we have to keep working and get ready for the last two games and next year. (On the Arkansas defense) After we got behind, we had to get into a passing mode and it allowed them to get after us pretty good. We lost the ability to have balance and it gave them an edge. They had some new guys in their secondary who played well and didn't make any mistakes. We didn't turn the ball over or give them anything, but they didn't give us anything either. We just weren't aggressive enough.

QB Robert Lane: (On being down so much and so quickly) Arkansas' offense was on fire and we didn't answer on offense. It's tough, but you have to keep competing and fighting. We didn't play good in the first half and couldn't come back. I don't have the explanation why, but we just didn't execute as a whole on offense and I can say that without seeing the tape. This has been plaguing us all year, but maybe not as much as it did today. We have to get better as a unit, period. (On a couple of nice runs he made) It was good to get in there and get in a rhythm. We moved the ball some, but we had a turnover deep in their territory that was disappointing. The runs were there and I took them. We schemed them a little on a couple of runs I had. We had plays out there to be made, but we didn't make them, either from our lack of execution or from them making some big plays when they needed them. They did a good job of never allowing us to get much momentum.

WS Charles Clark: (On trying to contain Hog QB Matt Jones) That was a focal point of ours for two weeks, but we didn't get it done. He's very dangerous when he gets outside and we let him do that to us two or three big times. (On getting behind 28-0) It happened so fast, or seemed to, that it shocked us some. We tried to fight back in the second half, but it was too little and too late. It was a tough game. (On Arkansas' offense) They didn't do anything we didn't practice. Jones just made plays and we didn't do anything to stop him. On his 72-yard run, we were out of position. We made an assignment error, the same kind of errors we have been making all year. We know there are going to be assignment errors, but nine games into the season they shouldn't be happening the way they are now. Assignment errors killed us today.

CB Travis Johnson: (On being down 28-0 with half the second quarter to go) Believe it or not, we thought we could come back, but it never panned out for us. We couldn't get it done. It's really frustrating knowing we've got the ability to do more and not getting it done. We knew going into the game that their passing game was suspect and all we had to do was to stop the run, yet we let them run for over 300 yards. (On the last two games) We've got to prove we've got pride now. We've got to give it all up just like we did last year when we were winning a share of the West title. If we don't, I will be very disappointed. (On the emotion of the game) We were prepared going into the game, but when things started going against us early in the game, we didn't buckle up tighter. Things just kept going wrong and it snowballed on us.

FS Eric Oliver: (On Matt Jones) He's deceptively fast. You can't tell how fast he's going until you start chasing him. (On the defense) It's frustrating for us to be nine games into the season and still making the kind of mistakes we are making. I'm not sure we have ever recovered from early in the season when we lost some games we should have won. We never picked up any momentum to this point this year. Today, a lot of the frustration from the whole season came to the surface, in my opinion. Our confidence is very low right now. (On the solution to salvage the last two games) We have to work and focus and pay attention and do what we are supposed to do. We have to lead and we have to follow. We have to motivate and we have to have pride. We can't have any quitters on this team. This is when senior leadership has to step up. (On getting behind early and its after effect) Our sideline went dead when we got down 21-0. Jones' long run broke our backs. We went into shock. They got us down and kept kicking us.

DE Cory Robinson: (On the game) It was bad. I thought we were prepared, but we played like we weren't. I know this sounds strange, but I think early on we were too excited. And when they scored quickly, that really deflated us. We didn't come into the game focused and settled - we came into the game with too much nervous energy that backfired on us. (On third down execution) We just haven't been able to get off the field this year, whether we were in the wrong defense or not executing the right defense, we have not gotten it done on third downs through nine games. (On the future for the younger players) I hope they learn how important focus and preparation are in this league. The key to everything is preparation and I hope they understand it will take more than what we have been able to produce this year. The seniors on this team have tried hard, but we didn't have the magic this year.

OG Doug Buckles: (On the game) We didn't score a touchdown. For the first time since 1999, we didn't score a touchdown. That says it all. Players have to play and execute. We had two weeks to prepare and had a good plan. We weren't surprised by anything they did on defense. They had one or twists we hadn't practiced, but as a veteran line we picked those things up. We jsut didn't execute overall and didn't score a TD as a result. (On being stopped on third and one and fourth and one early in the game) It was really like we didn't know the down and distance. The first priority is to block the front four and we didn't take care of that. That's something that should happen maybe the the third game of the year, not the ninth. We have to do a better job of knowing the situation and not just lining up running a play. We have to get more into the game, as players. They may not even be true, it's just a reaction to what happened. It all boils down to the fact that if we can't line up and get a yard, not matter what play is called, we don't deserve to win. We've got two captains, one of the best centers in the nation and two great tackles on the line. We have to get that done, period. We didn't.

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