Ole Miss football recruiting tidbits

It looks like chaos from the outside looking in with the Rebel football program. <br><br>But things are really more in the &quot;organized chaos&quot; mode. <br><br>Coaches Jay Hopson, Matt and Tom Luke are all on the road recruiting the prospects that are left on their board. Although it is not a full staff, where you normally have 7 assistants on the road, they are still having a lot of success.<br>

January 28th, which is the last weekend prospects can take an official visit, looks to be a huge weekend for the Rebels!!

Derek Pegues, Travis Sanford, John Jerry, Peria Jerry (commitment), Archie Sims, and Calvin Wilson will take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 28th. It should not hurt their causes with the non-committed prospects who are visiting that weekend with all four of the South Panola prospects and Reid Neely being in town.

Coach Hopson will be in the houses of Jessie Bowman (DL) and Jimmy Johns (Ath/QB) tomorrow night. It is anticipated that an official visit will be set up for January 28th with the both of them.

We hear that Coach Hopson's inhome visit with Anthony Johnson (DB) went extremely well last week, which took place after Coach Cutcliffe's dismissal. As long as Coach Hopson is retained by the new coach, it looks like the Rebels have positioned themselves up nicely with Anthony.

Sources close to the situation tell me that MSU's inhome visit with Archie Sims (LB) did not go too well last week. Archie scheduled an official with Ole Miss during his inhome visit from Coach Luke. MSU and Ole Miss continue to be the two main players in this race, but Auburn and West Virginia are doing everything in their power to garner his services.

We hear that Co-Linn CC's, Shaddler Manning (DE, 6' 5", 265) has really turned Ole Miss' head. Some insiders believe he could be the most athletic lineman in the juco ranks from Mississippi. That is some pretty high praise with the likes of Chad Green, Greg Peterson, and Zach Anderson coming out of MS this year. Keep your ears open for the name of Shaddler Manning in the coming weeks.

If a new staff is not in place by the end of this weekend, the Rebels will most likely not be signing any December prospects. They have two more key December prospects, Jerome Lyons (LB) and Ryan McBean (DL) coming in this weekend for an official visit. It is a must that a staff be in place or they will likely sign else where.

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