Official Visit Tidbits

Ryan McBean (DL) and Jerome Lyons (LB) took an official visit with Ole Miss this past weekend.<br><br> To read what our sources say, click here.

Jerome Lyons (LB, ICC, MS) - Jerome simply wants to be at Ole Miss but his scholarship status with the Rebels is pending on the results of his physical.

Jerome has now taken official visits with Arkansas and Ole Miss. USM, Murray State, and UAB are probably the most likely candidates if Ole Miss and Arkansas do not come up with a scholarship offer.

We hear that Ole Miss likes Lyons as a person so much, that if they do not come up with an offer, they are going to do everything in their power to find him a scholarship with another school.

Lyons was hosted by Kareem Moore and is a December prospect.

Ryan McBean
(DT, Hinds CC, MS) - We hear that Ryan's visit went great. Michael Bozeman was his host and they seemed to hit it off.

McBean, who is originally from Jamaica, will most likely take an official visit with Texas A&M before deciding. This might buy Ole Miss some time to find a head coach before a final decision is made.

Ryan has taken official visits with Oklahoma State and Ole Miss. We feel that Ole Miss and Texas A&M are the two most likely candidates.

If McBean were to sign on Wednesday, we hear that Ole Miss would be the school of choice.

Early Signing Period Tidbits

What can we expect to see on the first day of the early signing period, which is December 15th?

Unless Ryan McBean decides to not visit A&M, and to go ahead and sign with Ole Miss, you will most likely not see any action on Wednesday.

Without a head coach in place, they do not want to make any final decisions with LeKeitharun Ford, Levance Richmond, and Jerome Lyons.

Also, if Lance Lee's ACT results come in this week (which it is not expected to), you could see Lance's signature this week, pending on the score.

Player Tidbits

Jeff Cottam canceled his official visit with Ole Miss this weekend and is now firmly committed to Tennessee. Unless the new head coach can come in and patch up the uncertainties, Cottam is Tennessee bound.

We were told by our sources that Larry Brackins signed with an Agent last week. He is no longer eligible to play on the collegiate level.

As we stated above, Levance Richmond's scholarship status is still up in the air until a head coach is in place.

Our sources believe that signing the likes of Levance Richmond and Lekeitharun Ford could hurt Ole Miss' chances to land Anthony Johnson (DB) and Derek Pegues, since early playing time is such a big issue with both recruits.

How many official visits will the new coach have in his deck?

We were told by our sources that you are allowed a maximum of 56 official visits per year, and you can carry over 6 visits from the prior year, which Ole Miss did.

Ole Miss, so far, has used six official visits this year. They are Lekeitharun Ford, Jerome Lyons, Levance Richmond, Larry Brackins, Ryan McBean, and Michael Oher.

This will leave the new head coach a full compliment of official visits, which is 56.

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