Ole Miss football recruiting notes

The new hiring of Coach Orgeron brings instant creditability to the recruiting circles. It also brings the news that Ole Miss' two ace recruiters from the prior staff, Coaches Hopson and Luke, will be retained. This in itself will probably have the biggest impact for the upcoming class.


Many want to know where this leaves the prospects that are currently on Ole Miss' board.

Our best guess is that Ole Miss' current commitments and top prospects will remain on the want list. But, as with all new hirings, there will be some changes. As we learn who will stay on the want list and will not, we will let you know.

Until then, here is what we know.

In Mississippi, grades and a just an overall lack of talent has lowered the numbers tremendously from what we have seen in the prior years.

Currently, the Mississippi prospects who are on the want list are Eric Nicks (FB) Jimmy Johns (QB), Derek Pegues (DB), Travis Sanford (WR), John Jerry (OL), Reid Neely (OL), Calvin Wilson (OL), Jerrell Powe (DL), Archie Sims (LB), Anthony Johnson (DB), Josh McNeil (OL/Ole Miss is not in the picture), and Anthony Divinity (DB).

Wesley Beardain (QB), Lamarcus Russell (WR, Derrick Oulaw (DL) and John Sibley (DL) are still being recruited but are on down the line.

Coach Matt Luke was in the homes of Calvin Wilson, Archie Sims, and Jerrell Powe Monday night. He left Tuesday for South Alabama and Georgia.

Tomorrow, Coach Luke will make inhome visits with the three South Panola prospects and Michael Oher.

Coach Hopson, as we reported last night, had a very good inhome visit with QB prospect, Jimmy Johns. The visit went so well, an official visit was set up January 28th and Jimmy now has Ole Miss in his top 3 along with Alabama and MSU.

Terez Jackson (LB/LA) received an inhome visit from Coach Hopson tonight. We hear that Jackson is ready to commit to Ole Miss when the Rebels come up with a firm offer. Arkansas was in Terrez's house last night and Vandy was in there tonight.

Tyson Andrus (S) out of Lafayette (LA) was visited by Coach Hopson tonight. Tyus has scheduled an official visit with Ole Miss on January 14th. He will also take official visits to Tennessee, Auburn, and Oklahoma State.

Lucas Taylor (WR) out of Carencro (LA) received an inhome visit tonight from Coach Hopson. An official visit was set up with Ole Miss for January 14th. Taylor, selected as the #28 overall athlete by Scout.com, will take visits to Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, and Oklahoma State.

Clifford Harris (RB) was suppose to receive an inhome visit from Coach Hopson tonight, but the coaches on the road were called in and told to report back to Oxford tonight. A meeting will take place tomorrow morning between Coach Orgeron and the coaches from the prior staff who were retained.

Pending the schedule on Thursday, Ole Miss will also visit Guesly Dervil (S/FL), Carlton Hill (QB/FL), Jon Demps (LB), Nolan Carroll (WR), and Eugene Hayes tomorrow.

Updated Official Visit list

To view the upcoming official visits, click here.

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