Ole Miss recruiting notes

Today's press conference started a new era for the Ole Miss football program. <br><br>Many recruiting issues were brought up during the press conference.<br><br>

They were:

1. Ole Miss will honor the scholarship status with the current Rebel commitments.

2. There will not be a redshirt policy. All freshmen will come in with the mindset that they are going to contribute from day one.

3. The Rebels will not sign anyone in the early signing period.

4. Ole Miss will not bring in anyone this weekend for an official visit.

5. He was aware that Ole Miss had its full allotment (56) of official visits.

6. Ole Miss will sign their maximum (25) number of recruits this year..

7. Mississippi will be priority number with each and every recruiting class.

8. Coach "O" will build a fence around Mississippi. He will get it to the point that if Ole Miss does not sign a player from Mississippi, it is because they did not want the recruit, not because the recruit did not want the University of Mississippi.

9. Ole Miss has better facilities than USC.

10. He is not sure if Ole Miss is in the position to sign the player that fits his needs the best, opposed to signing the best available player. When further evaluations are made, that issue will be answered.

11. Whether they are committed to Ole Miss or another school, that will not stop the intensity from the Ole Miss staff. Coach "O" will not take "no" for an answer..

12. His team will be built through the high school ranks, but juco prospects will still be in the picture.

13. Speed is not as big of a priority as the desire of a player's heart and the will to make plays.

14. And finally, the current Ole Miss prospect database will basically stay intact. He will bring in a few "new" recruits, but do not expect whole sale changes. When the evaluations have been conducted with each prospect in their database, they will be re-ranked.

Recruiting Tidbits

Coach Orgeron is hitting the ground running as he will conduct inhome visits with Derek Pegues (DB), John Jerry (OL), Travis Sanford (WR), and Michael Oher (OL) today.

We have confirmed with 5 star linebacker, Eugene Hayes, that he will indeed take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 21st.

A few new names have popped up on the Rebel recruiting board lately.

They are:

Michael Johnson, a 6' 7" TE prospect out of Dallas County (AL) will take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 21st.

Corda Howard, a 6' 5" OL out of Phenix (AL) will take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 14th.

Craig Bonner, a 6' 4" TE prospect out of Huntsville (AL) will take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 21st. Alabama has offered Craig, but Bama already has Charles Hocke committed, so Craig would like to sign elsewhere.

Michael Gates, a 6' 5" TE prospect out of Sandy Creek (Atlanta, GA), will take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 21st.

Deante Lamar (DB) has confirmed his official visit with Ole Miss for January 14th.

Levance Richmond (DB) is now back in the picture.

Coach Matt Luke is working overtime to receive visits from 3 star RB, Brandyn Young, and 4 Star TE Shea McKeen.

And finally, Scout.com's #10 rated WR prospect, Carlos Thomas, has tentatively set up an official visit with Ole Miss on January 28th. Coach Luke will have an inhome visit with Carlos tomorrow night to solidify the date.

Official Visit List

To view our updated official visit list, click here.

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