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Rebel recruiting news and notes

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On Wednesday, Coach Orgeron paid a visit to's #10 WR, Carlos Thomas and DL prospect, Jada Brown.

We interviewed both prospects, and as you can see by our interviews, you would have to say the visits went very well.

Carlos lined up an official visit with Ole Miss on January 21st and Jada said he was 90% sure he was about to commit, pending his father's approval during their official visit at the University of Mississippi.

Carlos and Jada are teammates and are very close. The recruitment of these two could get very/very interesting in the near future for the Rebels.

On Thursday
, Coaches Orgeron and Wilson went to their home state to visit the St. Augustine trio of (TE) Selvish Capers, (DL) Alfred Jones, and (S/LB) Patrick Trahan.

Here are some quotes from the interviews we conducted last night:

Selvish Capers (TE/LA) tidbits...
"Coach Orgeron came to school today to meet with us (Selvish Capers, Al Jones (DE), and Patrick Trahan (S)).

I like how Ole Miss is going to use their tight ends. He is going to let them play like a WR on a lot of downs, but we are still going to have to block."

"I am going to Ole Miss on January 21st with Patrick Trahan. Al (Jones) already had a date that weekend, so he is going the next weekend."

"I am still committed to West Virginia, but I am still looking too."

Patrick Trahan (S/LA) tidbits...

"Coaches Orgeron and Wilson came to see me today. I did not even know Coach Orgeron was their head coach. He was so approachable and down to earth. He showed me how I would be used in his system. You have to like what he has done with USC's defense."

Commenting on the issue of his official visit

"We did not put anything in concrete, but we are talking about it."

Commenting on Coach Frank Wilson

"He is real good friends with my father, and I have known him for a real long time. He just shoots it straight forward with me."

Commenting on how committed he is to Auburn

"I am still pretty solid, but Ole Miss is a pretty big school too. I am 98% sure I am going to go to Auburn but nothing is for sure. I do not think it is going to hurt anything if I check Ole Miss out."

Al Jones (DL) tidbits..
Commenting on the colleges who have paid him an inhome visit:

"Miami (Coach CJ?), Ole Miss (Coach Orgerson and Wilson), came by, and Arkansas is coming by on Friday."

Commenting on coach Orgeron:

"He is a real personable person. You can tell he loves what he does. We got down and showed me some techniques. I thought he was going to hit somebody in my living room (laugh). My dad was like, hey, I use to could take you down, but I am too old for that (laugh). He is a trip."

Commenting on the national championship game:

"I saw Coach O jumping up and down in the tunnel before they ran out, and I told my dad right there, that is the kind of coach that can bring out the best in me."

Commenting on his official visits:

"I go to LSU (1/14), Ole Miss (1/21), and Miami (1/2 .

Commenting on how committed he is to LSU:

"I would say there is a 30% chance that I will play somewhere else."

Which schools are in the running, besides LSU:

"Oh, it is either Miami, Ole Miss, or LSU. No one else in the picture."

As we can see by the three interviews, you would have to consider the inhome visits as a success.

On Friday
, Coaches Orgeron and Luke are hitting the road recruiting.

First off, they are heading down the road to Hattiesburg to visit Calvin Wilson.

Calvin (OL) is every bit of 6' 5", 330 and is one of the top three offensive linemen in the state of Mississippi this year. The #49 ranked OL is set to visit Ole Miss (1/28), MSU (1/14), Florida (1/21), and LSU (12/3).

At noon today, Coaches Orgeron and Luke met with Anthony Johnson (CB) at Provinel.

Anthony is's 21st ranked cornerback and is set to visit Ole Miss, MSU, and Alabama this month.

Coaches Orgeron and Luke are then heading South to meet with Jimmy Johns (QB) and his parents.

As we all know, Jimmy was named Mr. Football in the state of Mississippi. MSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss are the three main players in this race, in that order. Hopefully this inhome visit will change the pecking order. We shall see.

On Saturday, Coaches Orgeron and Luke are going to visit's #1 defensive tackle prospect, Jerrell Powe.

Our sources feel like Powe is probably going to commit to Auburn during the Army All-Star game, but they are going to try and see if they can turn the trend tomorrow.

Saturday night, Coaches Orgeron and Luke and going to see Juco All-American Julius McClellan (WR).

The 4 Star prospect had a gap of non-communication with the Rebel staff during the transition, but hopefully Ole Miss did not lose too much ground.

McClellan has always been very high on the Rebels, and this visit could put Ole Miss as the leader or co-leaders. We shall see.

Visit Tidbits

We reported last week that the Rebels felt like they were losing some serious ground with LB prospect, Archie Sims.

Well, on Tuesday, Coaches Luke and Camp had an excellent inhome visit with Archie, and our sources feel like the Rebels are right back in the game. Stay tuned, as this battle between Ole Miss and MSU should be an interesting one.

Coach Camp also visited the #24 rated LB in the country, Jon Demps on Tuesday.

The day before the visit took place, Jon spoke very highly of the Rebels and said the following:

"The situation at Ole Miss is reminiscent of Florida. They have the same as Florida with only two linebackers on the roster," he said. "I talked to Coach (Ed) Orgeron. He is coming to visit me this week."

One to Watch

It looks like the Rebels are going to do some serious damage in the Bayou state this year.

Another name to keep an eye on is Parkview prospect, Derry Beckwith (LB).

Derry is listed as's #12 prospect in Lousianna and is listed as 6' 1", 205, with 4.5 speed.

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