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Coaches Orgeron and Luke have made their rounds inside the Magnolia state the past couple of days. To find out more about how these visits went, click here.

Coaches Orgeron and Luke have made their rounds inside the Magnolia state the past couple of days.

To find out more about how these visits went, click here.

Inhome Tidbits

*As we reported on Friday, Coaches Orgeron and Luke were on the road together visiting several of the state's top prospects.

We have confirmed that they visited Reid Neely (OL) at Jackson Academy, Jimmy Johns (QB) at Brookhaven, and Calvin Wilson (OL) at his house on Friday.

They were scheduled to see Anthony Johnson, but his mother was not able to attend the meeting, so they are going to go back into Anthony's house at a later date.

Jimmy and Anthony are taking an official visit at Alabama this weekend so we were not able to get any comments from those two.

*Here are some quotes from the interviews we conducted today:

Calvin Wilson
(OL, Hattiesburg, MS) tidbits
Commenting on Coach Orgeron

"He is a real fiery guy. I think he needs to be out there playing (laugh). Really, he was a nice guy and someone I could see myself playing for."

Commenting on his favorites:

"I am down to Florida, Ole Miss, LSU, and MSU."

Commenting on the factors when it comes decision time:

"I will go where I feel the most comfortable, who provides me the best opportunity for early playing time, and who can give me the best education."

Commenting on who provides him the best opportunity to play:

"they all do, really."

Commenting on who can give him the best education:

"Florida and LSU."

Commenting on which school he feels the most comfortable:

"I have only visited LSU, so I can not answer that question until I take all of my visits (MSU 1/14, UM 1/21, FL 1/28) ."


Did you feel real comfortable at LSU or just comfortable?

"Just comfortable."

Reid Neely
(OL, Jackson, MS)
This interview was conducted with Reid's father:.

"We met a JA yesterday. Reid really liked him. They talked for a while. Coach Orgeron is good with people. His intensity level is so different. It is going to be different than when Cut was there."

"Coach Orgeron and Reed just connected. Reed was going 90 to nothing talking to him. I think coach Orgeron is going to do a great job at Ole Miss. I really do."

"Coach Orgerson said that he does not want Reed to come in thinking he is going to redshirt. He wants him to come in with the frame of mind that he is going to play in his first year. When practice comes, he wants Reed to show everything has has and then they will make a decision."

"Coach Luke told me yesterday that they saw Jimmy Johns that morning, and they were leaving to go see Calvin Wilson. They were going to see Anthony Johnson, but his parents could not make the meeting, so they are going to see him next week."

"Reid is going to visit Ole Miss on January 28th, and he will not be taking anymore visits."

*On Saturday morning, Coaches Orgeron and Luke went and saw Jerrell Powe (DL).

Our sources told us yesterday that Ole Miss thought it was pretty much a done deal that Powe was headed to Auburn. Well, after the inhome visit, they are now telling us that this is anything but a done deal.

In fact, they think the Rebels have a better than 50/50 chance to land the young man come signing day, regardless if he makes a commitment to Auburn at the Army All-Star game.

Stay tuned, as the battle for the #1 ranked defensive lineman in the country is getting mighty interesting!!

, Coaches Orgeron and Luke are visiting Travis Sanford (WR), who was selected as one of the Top 10 Most Wanted prospects in the state of Mississippi by the Clarion Ledger yesterday.

Travis has been high on Ole Miss for quite some time now. The Rebels are hoping that this inhome visit will pretty much wrap it up for them.

Sanford is scheduled to visit Ole Miss on January 28th, along with Peria Jerry (DL), Derek Pegues (CB), and John Jerry (OL).

*Speaking of Peria Jerry, we are hearing that he is very active in trying to keep all of the South Panola prospects together. Peria wants all his "boys" to win a championship together on the next level, as they did on the high school level.

* We have learned that Derek Pegues did not make it in for his official visit to MSU this weekend. He will play in the Army All-American bowl next weekend. The following weekend, he visits LSU and then the last weekend before signing day, he visits Ole Miss. Derek will now have to visit MSU during the midweek.

*We reported yesterday that Coaches Luke and Orgeron were going to meet with Julius McClellan (WR) tonight, barring that he did not take an official visit with Alabama over the weekend.

We still have not been able to confirm if Julius visited Alabama or not, but we should learn this information on Sunday.

*We have learned that recent Ole Miss commit, Gary Riggs (S), has opted to not play in the Army All-American bowl due to a scheduling conflict with a basketball game.

*We hear that the status of the two "secret" candidates to sign during the early signing period have not changed. It still looks iffy with one and solid with the other prospect. If anything changes, we will be sure to let you know.

Official Visit List

*We have learned that Blake McAdams (P), Lucas Taylor (Ath), and Bill Stull (QB) have been scratched from the Ole Miss official visit list.

*Antonio Turner (FB) will now take an official visit with Ole Miss on January 28th, instead of January 7th. Reports have come out that Antonio is leaning heavily towards the Rebels.

*Our sources do not feel good about Ole Miss' chances to land Eric Sledge (WR). Do not be surprised if the visit is canceled in the near future.

*Running back/defensive back prospect, Avery Atkins, has not informed Ole Miss that he is not going to take his scheduled official visit.

But, if Ole Miss does not go with Avery's teammates, Brent Davis (LB) and Jonathan Garner (QB), do not expect Avery to be in the picture for the Rebels.

*Nothing has been confirmed, but we hear that the Rebels could have lined up an official visit with Derry Beckwith (LB) who is currently committed to LSU. Derry did receive an inhome visit with Coaches Camp and Wilson this week. That much we do know for sure.

*This upcoming Friday, there will be some major changes with the Ole Miss official visit list. Most of the changes will just be some flip flopping with the dates, but there will be some more scratches and additions to the list.

*To view the most up to date official visit list, click here.

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