"I committed to Ole Miss"

<b><b><a href=[PlayerNode:1235478]><b>Tyson Andrus</b></a> </b></b>(S, Lafayette, LA)<b> -</b> Coach Orgeron made an inhome visit with Louisiana's District 5 (4A) Player of the Year tonight, and Tyson finally pulled the plug and committed to the University of Mississippi.<br>

b>The following information was revealed during our interview with Tyson Andrus:

Has Coach Orgeron come by to see you yet? "Yes sir, he just left my house about an hour ago."

What happened? "I committed tonight."

What was the clincher? "I just felt real comfortable there. It feels like home. Every since I visited, I just felt real comfortable there. If my momma liked him, I knew I wanted to be there."

What did your mother think of Coach Orgeron? "She liked him so much she started crying. I never seen momma cry. It got me all emotional and Coach Orgeron just hugged both of us at the same time. This is the best day our family has ever had."

Are you going to allow anymore inhome visits? "I am done."

Have you informed Coach Hopson at USM? "Yea, he called as soon as Coach Orgeron came over. I told him the news. He was disappointed, but he was happy for me too. He said Ole Miss was a good school, but he said that he still wanted me to come to USM if I changed my mind."

How solid do you feel with your decision? "I am 110% sure."

Tyson carries a 2.9 GPA and an 18 on the ACT.

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