Milton Talbert
(LB/DE, Hattiesburg, MS) - One of the true good guys who just happens to be one of the more talented, if not the most talented linebacker in the state of Mississippi, resides in Hattiesburg this season.">
Milton Talbert
(LB/DE, Hattiesburg, MS) - One of the true good guys who just happens to be one of the more talented, if not the most talented linebacker in the state of Mississippi, resides in Hattiesburg this season.">

Milton impressed with OM's facilities at Jr Day

<FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" SIZE="2"><A HREF=""><BR><B>Milton Talbert</B></A><B> </B>(LB/DE, Hattiesburg, MS) - </FONT>One of the true good guys who just happens to be one of the more talented, if not the most talented linebacker in the state of Mississippi, resides in Hattiesburg this season.

It is unusual to find a gifted athlete as humble and polite as Milton. He is the type of person you hope your kids grow up to be one day. A true role model.

The Bulldogs and Rebels have offered and there will be many more to follow.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Milton Talbert:

What is your current height, weight, and forty time? "I am 6' 3". I have put on about 10 pounds since the season, around 230 now, and I ran a 4.5 flat two weeks ago. That was the last time I was timed in the 40."

What are your strengths on the football field? "My speed and quickness usually gives me the edge. I try to be a leader on the field and keep everyone calm. I work good under pressure."

What are you working on to make yourself a better player? "My strength, speed, and agility. I am doing a lot of agility drills this Spring to help my footwork out."

Did you get a chance to attend any football camps last summer? "I went to Ole Miss' and Steve McNair's."

Going anywhere this Spring and Summer? "I want to go the Nike camp at Ole Miss and the Adidas Camp on May 19th."

How long have you been starting for Hattiesburg? "Since my 10th grade."

What were your stats as a junior? "I do not know my exact stats. I can not remember them off of the top of my head. I do not want to tell you something that is wrong. My coaches would know them though. I just do not keep up with stats. I only care about rings."

Did you garner any awards? "I was named 1st Team All-District, All-Region, and All-Area by the Hattiesburg American. I was also named Defensive Line MVP."

You played on the DL last year? "Well, I moved to LB mostly because we lost all of our starting LB's. It was hard to get use to. It was uncomfortable at first, but I finally caught on."

Then how did you win DL MVP? "I switched a bunch. Some games I played DE and some games I played LB."

Where are you being recruited to play on the next level? "Mostly LB but some DE too."

What are your expectations for your senior campaign? "They are real high, real high. We have so many juniors coming back. Last year, people did not expect much from our team. But this year, they expect us to win it all. In 7th grade, our class went undefeated. In 8th grade, we lost one game. In 9th grade, we went undefeated. We do not know how to lose. To the man, we all expect to win it all this year."

What are your personal goals for next season? "I really do not get caught up in personal goals. If you make a 100 tackles and do not win games, then your tackles mean nothing. I want to win rings not awards. I take rings over Dandy Dozen, All-American and all of that stuff. That is the thing that people remember, championships, not awards."

Which colleges are currently writing you? "Ole Miss, MSU, USC, which kind of shocked me, West Virginia, Michigan State, Auburn, LSU, and Louisville. There are some more schools but those are the main ones."

Any early offers? "Two so far, MSU and Ole Miss. That is a blessing right there. I just thank God for it."

Have you had a chance to attend any Jr Days? "I attended Ole Miss' Jr Day last weekend."

Anybody come with you? "Me and Bubba (Jonathan Kirksey is a RB out of Hattiesburg) and Bubba's dad drove us up there."

What did you learn about Ole Miss that maybe you did not know from before? "They have a brand new facility. When I went to their camp last summer, the building was there, but it was not completed. It was nice, real nice. Just in general, it is nice up at Ole Miss. They talked a lot about their academics, and they had a new coach too."

What stood out the most? "I like their facilities. Their new weight room is real nice, real nice. Their facilities are the nicest I have seen so far."

Will you be attending anymore Jr Days? "I would like to go to Auburn and MSU. Yes sir, those would be the two main ones. USM is also having one shortly, but you know, it is my hometown. It will be no big deal for me to get to that one. I would like to go to some more, but the gas prices are real high."

Which schools are you keeping a close eye on? "I think Ole Miss, MSU, and Auburn right now. There are just a whole bunch of schools that I like. No school has an edge over the other one because I have not met everybody."

Which coaches have you met? "The coaches from Ole Miss and USM. I have not had a chance to meet the MSU coach, but he wrote me a letter on a postcard."

What will be the factors in your decision? "Number one, I want the best education. Everything else is secondary. You go to college to get an education because you can not play football for ever. You have to start using your brain at some point. After that, I will look at the type of environment and type of people I will be around. I want to be around a strong Christian environment. I love God, and I want to be around people who love him like I do."

Who has influenced you the most in your young life? "Number one is God. I can not do anything without him. My parents have helped structure me. They developed me. And my Church, they kept me on the right path. I left out a lot of people, but those have been my main influences."

Current academic status? "I have been on Honor Roll every 9 weeks since I have been in high school. If I do not make Honor Roll, my parents will not let me play football. I missed Honor Roll in Junior High one time, and they made me sit out of football. I learned real fast. I do not know my exact GPA, but it is between an A and a B average. I made a 16 on the ACT test, but I retook it again in February. I should get the results back in a couple of weeks."

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