Clarence Sanders (SG, Okaloosa Walton CC, FL) - Sanders is not your ordinary signee for Ole Miss' basketball program.">
Clarence Sanders (SG, Okaloosa Walton CC, FL) -
Sanders is not your ordinary signee for Ole Miss' basketball program.">

Named Florida's Player of the Year

<FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><BR><B><A HREF="">Clarence Sanders</A> </B>(SG, Okaloosa Walton CC, FL) -</FONT> <FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" SIZE="2">Sanders is not your ordinary signee for Ole Miss' basketball program.

He is a player who will fill a dire need on the Rebel's team, shooting guard. Clarence is noted as one of the purest shooters throughout the country. MidWest Scouting Services, which is one of the more reputable junior college scouting service on the market, ranks Sanders as the # 3 juco player in the country, regardless of position, and the #1 shooting guard. Sporting News ranks Clarence as the #2 shooting guard in the country. Hoop Scoop ranks Sanders as the # 7 overall juco player in the country and the #1 shooting guard.

Recognition is fine, but it is productivity on the court that really matter, and this is where Clarence shines the most.

This past season, Okaloosa Walton CC had to replace three starters and five players out of their eight man rotation, but Clarence took the bull by the horns and almost led them to a State Championship. They came up one game short, as Okaloosa Walton CC finished 3rd, but his productivity on the court was spectacular. Sanders finished the season with a 23.7 point per game clip and was named the Panhandle's Player of the Year for his play on the court.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Clarence Sanders:

What do you measure out at these days? "I am still around 6' 2", 185."

Tell us about your season. "It was a getting use to season. There was a lot of stuff I had to get use to because I was a sophomore. With all of the freshmen we had on our team this year, I did all right."

What did you have to get use to? "Really, mainly taking over the games. Last year, we had a lot of people contributing. This year, in pressure situations, I had to step up and take over. I did not mind it at all, do not get me wrong, but it is different when you are the man. I know that."

What most did you improve on this season? "Well, my ability to drive to the basket and passing the ball. And like I said, stepping up and being the man and just leading my team."

What did Okaloosa Walton CC finish their season at this year? "We went 23-5. We finished 3rd in the state and 2nd in the conference."

What were your stats? "I finished the season averaging 23.2 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals per game."

Any awards? "I was named our Conference's Player of the Year. I also made 1st Team All-Pan Handle."

When do the All-American teams come out? "I do not know, really do not. Probably pretty soon though."

What were your shooting percentages for the year? "Overall, I shot 53% from the field. From 3 point land, I shot 42%, and from the free throw line, I shot 80%."

What will you have to improve on for the SEC level? "I just need to keep working hard, stay in great condition, and work on my driblling and just continue to shoot. Run, shoot, and work on my fundementals."

When are you scheduled to graduate? "In May."

When will you enroll at Ole Miss? "I do not know yet, Coach Barnes is suppose to get in touch with me pretty soon to let me know about all of that."

You were a qualifier out of high school, right? "Yes sir."

So technically you do not even have to graduate from Okaloosa Walton CC? "I guess so, but my momma would not be too happy if I did not graduate. I am graduating (laugh) or there might be no more food on the table (laugh)."

Which position do you expect to start out at when you arrive at Ole Miss? "Shooting guard."

What are your personal goals for next season? "Myself, I just want to make an immediate impact, which I think I will. I will just come in and do what I have to do with my school work and my responsibilities on the court. I will play my role and hopefully help Ole Miss win a lot of games, a bunch of games."

What are your team goals? "I just want to make the players around me better, and I want them to make me better. If we do that, there is no telling how far we will go."

Did you keep up with Ole Miss' recruiting while you were being recruited? "Yes sir. Once I started leaning towards them, I kept up very closely. I wanted to see if they were going to get some big men, so you know, I have some people to run some screens through. I like them big boys. They make it easy on us shooters. Coach White kept me in touch with everything that was going on. Once they got all of those big boys, that pretty much sealed the deal for me."

What can the Ole Miss fans expect from you as a person and as a basketball player? "As a person, expect good character. That is the main thing. I will be nothing but a gentleman. I take after my dad in that respect. He taught me a lot. As a basketball player, they are going to have to watch me play and determine that for themself. I do not know how to explain it. I work in crazy ways on the basketball court. I think they are going to like what they see though (laugh)."

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