Greg Hardy (DL, Memphis, TN) - Could the Rebels be adding a fourth prospect off of Briarcrest's squad?">
Greg Hardy (DL, Memphis, TN) - Could the Rebels be adding a fourth prospect off of Briarcrest's squad?">

Greg Hardy takes in Red and Blue game

<A HREF=""><BR>Greg Hardy</A></B> (DL, Memphis, TN) - Could the Rebels be adding a fourth prospect off of Briarcrest's squad?

Hardy, who's father played for Ole Miss during the 80's, transferred from Harding Aca to Briarcrest last summer. Briarcrest's head coach last season, Hugh Freeze, has joined the Rebels' staff. Michael Oher (OL) and Justin Sparks (Pk) signed with Ole Miss in February. Brandon Jackson (LB) committed to Ole Miss in February. Will the trend continue?

Greg was not allowed to participate in football last season due to the transfer rule in the State of Tennessee. The lack of recognition and playing time has not hindered Hardy's recruitment, as both Ole Miss and LSU have extended a scholarship offer. Tennessee, Kentucky, Wake Forest, and Miami have also caught Hardy's eye.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 245
40 time: 4.85
Bench: 230
Squat: 315
Grades: 2.0 GPA / 17 ACT

From: Memphis, TN
High School: Briarcrest

The following information was revealed during our interview with Greg Hardy:

Which position are you being recruited for the next level? "Some people want me for defensive end, and some want me at tight end, but mostly it is defensive end. Although, even a couple of schools like me at linebacker."

What are your strengths on the field? "My speed, and I never quit going for the ball. My quickness is my biggest strength though."

What are you working on to make yourself a more complete player? "I have hired a trainer. I run 50 sprints a day. I jump rope for 30 minutes a day. I lift for an hour each day. And I also run track, so I am constantly working on my conditioning and body strength."

How long have you been starting for Briarcrest? "Last year I was ineligible to play because I transferred in from Harding Aca. I did get to play basketball in the second half of the season though."

I hear you are pretty serious with basketball. What comes first, football or basketball? "Well, football, but I would like to give it a try and play both sports. But, whichever sport I sign with, they will get first priority."

How did your basketball season go last year? "It was pretty good. We made it to the State Champions game. I played against Brandon Wright and held my own. I averaged like 13 points and 11 rebounds for the year."

Which football schools are recruiting you the hardest? "LSU and Ole Miss. I am getting a few from Arkansas, and just a bunch of schools are sending me letters in general, but nothing serious like Ole Miss and LSU."

Any early offers? "Yes sir, both Ole Miss and LSU have offered me."

Which colleges have caught your eye up to this point? "I like Wake Forest, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and you know, Miami. Those are my favorite schools and Tennessee. I like them a lot too."

Have you had a chance to take some visits this Spring? "Yes sir, I just got in from Ole Miss' Spring game. I also went to their Jr Day and a couple of their practices."

What have you learned about Ole Miss during these visits? "It is fun. It is a fun place to be around. I am down there a lot. I went to their basketball camp too. I know all of their coaches in both basketball and football.. My dad played football for them also, so I have grown up around Ole Miss. Coach Orgeron is real cool too. He is intense and would be someone fun to play for."

What stands out the most about the Rebels? "The speed they work out. To me, it is just a whole different level."

What attracts you to Tennessee? "I have not checked them out yet, but they have a good program from what I have read and seen on TV. They invited me to come up for their Spring and Jr Day, but I couldn't make it."

What about LSU? "They are all right. It is a pretty nice place. I do not know their new coaches. I use to know Coach Saban really good, but he left. I do not know about their new coaches, but they have a good team."

How did you become interested in Wake Forest? "I have been watching them on TV for a long time. It is a real nice place. They have a beautiful campus. Wake Forest is a school where I could get a lot of early playing time and have fun doing it."

Is early playing time a big issue for you? "Yea, I think it is. If I can earn a spot, I want to play. I do not want go to a team with all returning seniors. I will not get that much playing time."

What will be some other factors in your decision? "I want to check and see if they have my major, which will either be in Architect or Engineering. I want to play somewhere close to home, you know, so my family can see me play. I also want the campus to not be tight on spaces. I like it wide open like Ole Miss'. I want a pretty good number of students there, I just do not want it to be so congestive. I will also look at their coaches and coaching style."

Do you like intense or laid back coaches? "I could play for both. I do not really look at that. I look at how conservative they are or are not. I want to play for an aggressive defense and team."

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