Jerrell Powe (DT, Waynesboro, MS) - Coach Orgeron made his first national impact as a head coach at Ole Miss when he garnered the signature of Jerrell Powe.

Jerrell is the highest rated defensive linemen to come out of Mississippi in the modern era."> Jerrell Powe (DT, Waynesboro, MS) - Coach Orgeron made his first national impact as a head coach at Ole Miss when he garnered the signature of Jerrell Powe.

Jerrell is the highest rated defensive linemen to come out of Mississippi in the modern era.">

"I want to represent my state"

<A HREF=""><B>Jerrell Powe</B></A> (DT, Waynesboro, MS) - </FONT><FONT SIZE="2" FACE="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"></FONT>Coach Orgeron made his first national impact as a head coach at Ole Miss when he garnered the signature of Jerrell Powe. <BR><BR>Jerrell is the highest rated defensive linemen to come out of Mississippi in the modern era.

Look at these rankings:

Jerrell was a Parade All-America selection and played in U.S. Army All-America Bowl in San Antonio, Texas. Jerrell was a three time All-State pick who was named Mr. Football in State of Mississippi by The Clarion-Ledger.

Powe was ranked as the nation's No. 1 defensive tackle on Student Sports' Top 100 list. and Tom Lemming/ESPN ranked Jerrell as the nation's No. 3 defensive tackle. He was ranked as the No. 16 player in the nation by SuperPrep as well as the No. 4 defensive tackle. Jerrell was named to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Super Southern 100 Team and was rated as the number 20 prospect on its Top 25 recruits in the nation.

Powe was picked by as the nation's No. 4 defensive tackle and No. 33 overall player. He made the Orlando Sentinel All-Southern team and Fox Sports 1st Team All-South. Powe was ranked as the No. 17 player on the South Hot 100 list by He was rated as the No. 6 prospect on the Mobile Register Super Southeast 120 squad.

Powe was rated as Mississippi's No. 1 player by the Biloxi Sun Herald and No. 2 player in Mississippi by He was also the No. 5 Most Wanted by The Clarion-Ledger.

Jerrell helped lead Wayne County to state championships during sophomore (14-1) and junior (14-1) seasons ... As a senior, he was credited with 89 tackles, including nine QB sacks, while forcing five fumbles ... Career statistics included 225 tackles and 37 QB sacks ... Earned four letters in football ...

Coached in high school by Marcus Boles...Also lettered twice in basketball ... Averaged 10 points and 10 rebounds in basketball ...

PERSONAL: Son of Shirley Powe ... Full name is Jerrell Quartez Powe ... Born: March 15, 1987.

Comments from Coach Marcus Boyles

"I have been around a lot of great high school football players in my career. I have had some great players here at Wayne County," Boyles said, "but I have never said what I am about to say about a kid before.

"If Jerrell keeps his head on straight, works hard and stays healthy, he's a Sunday (NFL) guy. There is no doubt in my mind. As I said, I have never made that statement about any kid I've coached before, but Jerrell is by far the best player I have ever coached."

You want the total package? Powe gives it.

At 6-2, 340 pounds, your first impression might be "can't move at that size." On the contrary, that is one of his strengths, according to Boyles.
"Jerrell's first step is so quick and so explosive that it will shock you," Boyles continued. "You would think his game would revolve around power - he's got that too - but it's more about his speed and athleticism. You've never seen a 340-pounder move like he can. He can dunk a basketball and played on the hoops team until this year when he wanted to concentrate on his recruitment and just didn't have time. Man, he can move. For a big guy, you should see him run the court in basketball. We played him at tight end some and fullback in the Power I formation. The kid can just run and he has soft, good hands.
"I've seen him many times from the nose tackle slot run down the pitch man in the option."

Power? P-O-W-E are the first four letters in the word. Boyles said Powe is "scary" strong
"Once he gets his hands on you, forget it. You are done. He is a monster in the weight room for his age. We don't know how strong he can be because he's played basketball instead of getting in the weight room a lot," Boyles noted. "When he gets in a year-round weight program there is no telling how strong he will be. When he's in there, he works hard at it. I'd be willing to bet he'll be one of the strongest ever on Ole Miss' campus."

Attitude? Boyles treated Powe like a coach on the field.
"Jerrell has been one of our leaders here since he was a sophomore and was the top leader the past two years," noted Boyles. "He is highly competitive. He wants to win at everything. He has that kind of mentality and will get a little ticked off when he loses.

"He's the kind of kid who sits around and jokes with the coaches, but when it's time to practice he is all business. He's a super kid, a big old teddy bear off the field. On the field, he wants excellence from himself and everyone on the team. If they are not doing what he thinks they should be, he will tell them in a hurry and you can bet they all straighten up when he speaks. Jerrell is overweight right now because he hasn't been active during recruiting, but since it's been over he's been working out on his own with the basketball team. He did not have to be prompted to do that - he just knew he needed it.

"His attitude, along with his ability, make him a phenomenal package. One reason I am tickled about him going to Ole Miss is that I can't wait to see him after a year or two in that program under Coach (Ed) Orgeron and (DL) Coach (Joe) Cullen. He will take their coaching, get around 315 pounds and be as good as it gets.
"I'm telling you - there is nobody his age with the package he's got - size, speed, strength, competitiveness, leadership. He's got the tangibles and the intangibles."
Boyles felt there was a possibility Powe could be "special" the first time he laid his eyes on him.

"We have four junior high schools in Wayne County and they are our feeder programs for students and athletes. I saw him play in junior high at about 6-0, 230 pounds and thought we might have us something none of us were used to," Boyles reflected. "In the ninth grade, he was a little overweight and out of shape, but he played some in a playoff game at the end of the year. He was about 260 pounds then."
From that point on, Powe exploded on the local scene.

"He got more serious and started working out in the weight room. He put some muscles on his frame and started playing basketball for his agility," Boyles noted. "The hard work paid off. He started every game for us as a sophomore. He had a good regular season, but he was dominant in the playoffs.

"During that playoff stretch is when he came into his own. Since then, he has been pretty much unblockable. Jerrell started drawing double and triple teams his junior year and it frustrated him, but as a senior he handled those situations well. He saw cut blocks and everything, but he just kept on playing and kept on making plays. He opened up so much for the other defensive players from the attention he drew."
Boyles said Powe's dominance was so overwhelming that he had to call Jerrell off in practices.

"We put in a new offense last spring and couldn't run a play as long as he was on the defensive side of the ball. He destroyed our offense. I would take him out of practices just so we could get something done," Boyles said. "There is one thing I'm certain of - he made our OL a lot better during his career. We used to tell them they wouldn't have to face another one like him and if they could get a piece of Jerrell, they could block anyone we would face."
Boyles said there aren't enough superlatives in the English language for him to do Jerrell Powe justice.

"I'm not usually this way. I take things with a grain of salt, but Jerrell is phenomenal and will be phenomenal on the next level," he closed.

Comments from Ed Orgeron:

"I am really excited about two young men, who were top priorities for us. The first is Jerrell Powe, who is from Mississippi. I feel like one of my strengths coming in here would be in recruiting great defensive lineman. He (Powe) is by far the best defensive lineman I've seen in a long time and we are really excited about him coming to play football at Ole Miss."

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jerrell Powe:

Have you seen any changes in your height or weight since you signed with Ole Miss? "Actually, I have grown up and out (laugh). I am about 6' 4", 356 right now."

Have you been timed in the 40 since signing day? "No sir, I have just been lifting weights and doing some drills with the basketball team. I have not run the 40 in over a year. I ran a 4.8 back then."

Did you participate in basketball for Wayne Count this year? "No sir, I just worked out with the team at practice. This was my first year to not play basketball. I needed to concentrate on my books."

Are you participating in any Spring sports? "Yes sir, I throw the shot put, but that is all I have time for with school and all."

What is your best recorded throw in an official event? "49 feet."

You mentioned that you have been lifting weights; what are you maxing at at these days? "I really have just not been maxing out. It has been a while (since I last maxed). I was maxing 350 (bench) and 550 (squat) back then."

Have you set any strength goals by the time you report to Ole Miss? "Not really, I try not to push myself too far. They do not want me coming in with a broke back (laugh). I will be plenty strong enough when I get there."

Has Ole Miss sent you a workout schedule yet? "Yea, they sent me one, and I am starting on it this week."

What are some of the drills the workout book has you doing? "Man, just lots of stuff. 400's, 100's, 40's, 20's, just lots of running and conditioning."

Have they set a goal, weight wise, in what they want you to report in? "Weight wise, they want me to get down in the 330's."

Anymore goals? "Not to my knowledge."

Have you set any personal goals for your freshman year at Ole Miss? "Well, one thing, that weight. I need to be down to 330 when I report. I really do. I want to try and be a freshman all-american and earn a starting job. Those three things are my biggest personal goals. Team wise, the first thing we have to do is win the Egg Bowl. We have to keep that streak going. And I have to beat Josh McNeil (OL at Tennessee) and Auburn. I want to beat Tennessee and Auburn real bad."

Are you going to play in the MS/AL All-Star game? "Yes sir."

How many mini-camps have you attended? "We have had two, and we have another one this Sunday."

Which player on offense has impressed you the most? "The guy from Starkville (Patrick Swoopes / 6' 4", 295) is pretty good, strong wise."

Which player on defense has impressed you the most? "He really did not impress me, but I know what he can do, Archie Sims (LB / 5' 11", 208)."

Tell us where you are, academically? "I am taking some course right now. I should get through with them right after graduation. Right now, everything is looking real good."

How far away are you from making your needed ACT score? "I need a 17"

Do you feel good about your chances to qualify? "Yes sir, real good."

If you did not make it academically, have you given any thought about which route you are going to go? "No sir, that really has not even crossed my mind. I am working hard on my books. I am doing well in the classroom. I had a lot of ground to make up going into this year, but I am doing it. I do not even think in those terms (not making it academically). I am only focused on being at Ole Miss next year."

When was the last time you spoke with someone from the Ole Miss staff? "Just the other day. I talk to Coaches Orgeron and Luke."

What has been their message? "Well, they wanted to explain what happend with Coach Cullen first. He made a mistake and is having to pay for it. Coach Orgeron told me to make sure I learn from other people's mistakes. We all have to pay for our mistakes. I hate that for Coach Cullen too. I was really looking forward to playing for him. He was my kind of coach. The other things we usually talk about are some of the things we went over. Conditioning, school, just checking up on me."

Are you more nervous or anxious about the transition you are about to make? "I am anxious, real anxious. I can not wait to get up to Oxford and start everything. Right now, I just have to keep studying and passing all of my courses. I can not let my mind wonder off on what it is going to be like next year. It is easy to do that, because it is going to be a lot of fun, but I have to take care of my end first."

What is the number one thing you are going to have to work on to prepare youself for the next level? "Just reporting to camp in shape and being real strong. Basically, I will just need to work as hard as I can. I think everything else will fall into line if I do that."

Are there any rising seniors at Wayne County we need to keep an eye on? "Yea, there are a lot (laugh). Kennard Arrington is one. He plays strong safety for us. He is around 6' 0", 180. And Jacqrez McBride. He plays WR. McBride should be getting an academic scholarship too. He is real smart."

Thinking back on it; what was the #1 reason you choose to play for Ole Miss? "To represent my State. That is a special feeling."

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