Jared Koon (RHP, ICC, MS) - Mississippi's top available juco pitcher is still undecided after taking an unofficial visit to Ole Miss on Sunday and MSU on Monday."> Jared Koon (RHP, ICC, MS) - Mississippi's top available juco pitcher is still undecided after taking an unofficial visit to Ole Miss on Sunday and MSU on Monday.">

Still undecided

<A HREF="http://scout.scout.com/a.z?s=177&p=8&cfg=null&c=1&nid=1875979"><B>Jared Koon</B></A> (RHP, ICC, MS) - Mississippi's top available juco pitcher is still undecided after taking an unofficial visit to Ole Miss on Sunday and MSU on Monday.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jared Koon:

How did your game go against Coahoma CC on Saturday? "We shut them out, 23-0."

This runs your record up to 9-1? "Yes sir."

Did you and your parents make it over to Oxford on Sunday as planned? "Yes sir. It went really well. We went around with Coach Bunn. We toured their practice facilities. I watched Coach Bianco give his pre-game speech. That was really cool."

What were your parent's thoughts on Ole Miss? "They really like the opportunity I am getting, scholarship wise. They really liked their coaches too. This was their first time to actually sit down with their whole staff. They are excited and relieved to get it out of the way. My mom did not get to go to MSU on Saturday, so I made a visit this morning. I got to tour their campus."

How did your meeting with MSU go? "It went really well. This was my first time to get to talk to Coach Polk. I really enjoyed meeting him. I got to see what it is like behind the scenes. The locker room and the plans for the Palmiero weight room. I also got to meet Coach Croom. Things are looking pretty good over there. At Ole Miss, I sat down with Dr. O' Neal, who is the head of the premed department. I also talked to the head of the financial aid department. I talked to some girl who helps tutors their student athletes. We went over everything. I also got to meet Dr. Fields, who is their team doctor. That was neat because that is what I would like to do some day. And lastly, I sat down with Rob Robertson, who plays LB for Ole Miss. He got accepted to medical school, and he told me all of the positives about Ole Miss and why he choose Ole Miss. He gave me some good advise."

Well, where do you now stand? "Well, my mom had to teach a class tonight, so I have not even had a chance to sit down with her and discuss everything. Coach Bianco wants me to give him a call by tomorrow night (Tuesday), to let him know. My friend who goes to Ole Miss passed away late last night, so it real hard for me to even concentrate on this stuff. We were really close."

You mentioned that the scholarship money was going to be the deciding factor when it was all said and done; which school is offering you more money? "They are identical, I mean down to the dollar. It is now going to come down to where I want to be. I like it at both schools so much, I just do not know. I am leaning towards MSU but I did not commit. Me and my parents have been talking about it. I am thinking MSU right now, but this is such a tough decision. There are so many factors I have to weigh like my major, playing time, friends, the school, and facilities. It is not going to be easy. I still need a little more time to think things through."

Lets break down the factors; start with your major? "Well, talking to both academic advisors, I think Ole Miss would be a better fit, but I have not narrowed it down for sure which major I am going to major in. I might end up in something else. I am not sure yet. I do not want to solely base my decision on going to Ole Miss because they have the better premed department."

Playing time? "MSU will probably lose 5 or 6 to graduation or the draft. Ole Miss will lose at least 6 through the draft. I have a shot to play at either place. Ole Miss has stressed that I would play more, but I figure there are going to be good players where ever I go. Nothing can be given to me. I look forward to the challenge or having to step up and beat some people out."

Friends? "Well, I have Will Klien and Jon Jon Hancock at Ole Miss. They are pretty much my best friends. We always have a blast together. At MSU, I know Mitch Mooreland and Jeffrey Rae. They get a lot of playing time. I met Marshall Faulkner, who played for ICC. He is going to MSU. I competed against Brett Buckvich at Ole Miss. I have good friends at both schools. I know I would fit in at either school. Mitch told me right before I was leaving today that he was going to keep up with me."

Facility? "Well, I got a chance to look at Ole Miss' new indoor. Wow, that is a state of an art facility. It is amazing. At MSU, I got to look at the plan for the new Palmiero center. It is going to be located right behind their baseball stadium. It is suppose to be ready this summer. Everything is comparable at both schools. I have been impressed with both weight rooms, strength coaches and their beliefs."

The schools in itself? "I have always wanted to go to MSU since I was a kid, but lately I have been thinking Ole Miss would be a better fit because I like the city of Oxford and the Grove so much. But, I like the atmosphere at both schools."

What is giving MSU the edge? "I guess, just the feel that I want to be there. I do not know. I got to throw off of their mound this morning. I got to look at the stadium in that way. It gave me goose bumps. I have thrown off of Ole Miss' mound before. It is a great place too, but I did not get that feeling like I did at MSU. When I talked to Coach Polk, he was organized and showed me what was so good about MSU. He had two pages of pluses about MSU. It just made sense. It is an edge, but just a slight edge"

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