Brett Brackett shines at Elite Combine

Brett Brackett (QB, Lawrence, NJ) - One of the East Coast's top prospects attended the Elite Combine in New Jersey last week. Brett showed why he is considered an elite QB in front of a hundred plus college scouts.

One coach who came away impressed was Ole Miss' offensive coordinator, Noel Mazzone. The Rebels offered and Brackett's offer list now consist of eight schools.

Penn State, Ole Miss, Boston College, North Carolina, Louisville, Toledo, Duke, and Rutgers have all offered.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 6"
Weight: 235
40 time: 4.71
vertical: 34"
Grades: 3.4 Core GPA / 1090 SAT

From: Lawrence, N.J.
High School: Lawrence (Group 3)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Brett Brackett:

What are your strengths at quarterback? "I guess being able to make quick decisions and making the right reads. I do what is best for the team at the time."

What are you working on to make yourself a better player? "I am working on throwing with my body instead of my arm. It will help me become more accurate and consistent with my throws."

How long have you been starting for Lawrence? "I have been starting at QB since my sophomore year, but I started at free safety my freshman year (laugh)."

What are your stats since you have been starting? "I threw for 1, 583 yards and 15 TD's with 106 completions as a sophomore. Last year, I had around 1,050 total yards and 16 TD's."

Why the drop off from your junior to sophomore campaign? "We graduated our top two WR's and returned a 1,000 yard rusher, so we decided to go to the run. I had more completions in my sophomore year than I had attempts this season."

Any awards the last two years? "I was named 2nd Team All-Area my sophomore year, and I was voted to the All-CVC (coaches team) this year."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting you? "The main colleges, lets see, Boston College, Penn State, Rutgers, Toledo, North Carolina State, Louisville, Ole Miss, and Duke."

Any early scholarship offers? "Yes sir, I received an offer from all eight of those schools."

Who was the first school to offer you? "Rutgers offered me during my sophomore year."

Have you been contacted by way of phone this month? "I think all of them have either called or come by the school. Virginia came by my school too, but they have not offered me yet."

Which coach stood out the most during your conversations? "They all had something unique to say, but I think Ole Miss' coaches stood out because they were so out going, but they were all fun to talk too."

Who called you from Ole Miss? "I talked to both their head coach and their QB coach, Mazzone. Coach Mazzone recruited Jason Campbell (Auburn) and coached Phillip Rivers (North Carolina State). He has coached some pretty good QB's."

When did Ole Miss offer you? "They came to the Elite Combine last week. That is when they found out about me."

What do you know about Ole Miss? "I know they are not very deep at QB. They were 10-3 with Eli there the year before. And last year, they played really good against a lot of good teams like LSU, Florida, South Carolina and those type of teams. They just need a QB."

Which colleges have you had a chance to visit? "I went to Boston College and Virginia with my dad, and I went to Penn State and Rutgers with my coach."

Where will you camp this summer? "I have already been to Boston College, Virginia, Rutgers, and Penn State's camps. I am going back to Penn State tomorrow, and next month, I am going to Ole Miss, Louisville, Duke, and North Carolina State."

Which colleges have caught your eye so far? "I think all eight of the schools I listed to you are up there."

Tell us what you most like about Rutgers? "I have a chance to fight for a job pretty early. They are also an up and coming program."

Boston College? "They are also short on QB's. They just moved to the ACC. The ACC plays good quality football. I could be a part of something special."

What are Penn State's positives? "Penn State is Penn State (laugh). Their history is pretty deep. They had a good recruiting class last year. I would not start for a couple of years because they have a redshirt sophomore who will play after their 5th year QB leaves, but I could learn a lot from him."

How important is early playing time for you? "I would like to play as soon as possible. I am not the type of kid who likes to sit around (laugh). But, if the right situation was right, I would do it (sit). If all possible though, I would like to play."

What attracts you to Toledo? "Their seniors have won four championships. They obviously have a winning tradition."

North Carolina State? "They are also in a good conference. I could play a little earlier there. They had a pretty decent QB, Phillip Rivers, who threw for 4, 000 yards. They know how to get the most out of you."

What are Louisville's positives? "They had the #1 offense last year. What is not to like about that (laugh)? I think they were ranked as high as #6 last year, so that is nothing to bat your eye at. They have a returning QB, but if the situation were right, I could handle that."

Ole Miss? "Their QB coach has worked with some good QB's. Coach Mazzone has had a lot of success, and I just personally like him a lot. He is fun to talk to."

What about Duke? "I think their academics is second to none. Their program is building like Rutgers and to be a part of that is something special. They play in a good conference too."

What are going to be the main factors in your decision? "I just want to feel at home. It will be the place I spend my next four years. I want to feel comfortable around their coaches and players. I am not sure what I am going to major in, but I want to make sure they focus on academics."

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