Parrish Brown takes an official visit to Ole Miss

Parrish Brown (Combo, Kennedy King CC, IL) - The NJCAA Region 1V Player of the Year took an official visit with the University of Mississippi this past weekend.

We spoke to Parrish Brown's head coach and the following information was revealed:

Tell us about Parrish as the person and player. "First of all, he is a tremendous young man. Parrish is a humble kid who just so happens to be a very talented player and a hard worker. He is a quiet kid who leads by example. Parrish does not do a lot of trash talking on the court. He has established himself as one of the top 50 juco players in the country. He scored more than 28 points nine times this year. He led his team in assists and had 9 or more assists ten times this year. The thing about Parrish is he is just so athletic and even a better person. I feel like I am losing a son. He means that much to me."

What are his strengths on the court? "He can just flat out put the ball in the basket. Parrish can shoot it from three, drive to the basket, and his biggest thing is his jump shot. Parrish has what I call a "pro" jump shot. He is just a tremendous scorer, but he can also be a stopper on defense. He has the wing span of someone 6' 4". Parrish is very long. He can guard the 1, 2, or even the 3 sometimes. Parrish can pick you up full court. He makes it difficult for you to score. Parrish just simply does what ever it takes to win. That is what he will do. He lead our team in charges. That will tell you what type of player he is. How many players who lead their team in scoring and assists lead their team in charges? Not many. Parrish gets his character and work ethic from his parents and grandparents. The boy was raised right."

What does Parish need to work on for the next level? "I think Parrish's game is solid. He just needs to get stronger to play against the SEC night in and night out. He has all of the tools you need. He just needs to get stronger and adjust. We know it is a war every night in the SEC. We have a lot of respect for the SEC up here. It is a great conference if not the best conference in college basketball."

What were Parrish's stats for the season? "I do not have them in front of me, but off of the top of my head, I say he averaged around 21 - 22 points, 4 - 5 assists, and 5 - 6 rebounds a game. He does it all. We are proud of him at Kennedy King Community College."

What have you learned from Parrish about his visit to Ole Miss? "We talked very briefly about it yesterday when he got back in. We are going to talk in specifics today at 4:00 pm. I do know that he enjoyed it very much at Ole Miss. He will probably sign if they offer. He loves their coaching staff, especially Tracy (Dildy) and (Rod) Barnes. Parrish is just very excited about Ole Miss. We are anticipating that they are going to offer, but we just do not know for sure right now. We do not let our kids sign a letter of intent while they are on their visits. We want our kids to talk to their parents first before they sign. Parrish had that chance last night, now we are going to go over the specifics. But I do know this, he told me that all of his questions had been answered while he was on his visit. But again, we will not know anything for sure until we meet, and we see what Ole Miss is going to do (offer or not)."

Has Parrish been on anymore official visits? "He has been to Utah State and East Tennessee State. Florida Atlantic, Kent State, and Purdue want to bring him in for an official. They are just waiting to what happens with Ole Miss because they know I am related to Tracy (Dildy) and that Parrish is leaning there. I got a call today from Illinois and Duquesne. They also want to bring the kid in. Everyone is just waiting to see what happens (with Ole Miss/if they are going to offer)."

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