C.J. Bailey shines at scout.com combine

C. J. Bailey (Ath, Moss Point, MS) - C.J. demonstrated at the scout combine why most analysis consider him to be the top cover corner in the state of Mississippi.

Bailey was unusually sound in his techniques although he has been playing QB for the majority of his career at Moss Point. He has the tools to play press coverage and the mentality to come back for more even if he gets beat, which rarely happened.

The following information was revealed during our interview with C.J. Bailey

What did you take away from participating at the scout.com combine? "I learned the competitiveness of the other players."

What will you have to improve on, now that you have gone up against the best from Mississippi? "I need to work on my drills more. The figure, 8 drills, shuttles, and just all of the DB drills. That was my first time to get timed on some of those drills."

What were your timed in the drills? "Lets see, in the shuttle, I ran a 4.28 (6th best time at the camp), 34.5" vertical (2nd best at the camp), and a 4.58 forty (3rd best at the camp)."

Who was the best player you went up against? "Man, it would have to be Terry Levy. He is so tall and athletic. It was hard keeping him away from the ball. That boy from Alabama, Tim Hawthorne, he was the real deal too. They stood out the most."

Where do you plan to camp at next? "I will be at Ole Miss for the Nike Camp, and I am also going to their senior camp. I know that for sure. I will probably go to the LSU, Auburn, and Alabama camps. I can not tell you the dates, but I am pretty sure I will be at all those three camps. I will be at USM too. I will hit all I can hit, so I can get a chance to get my name in the paper."

Who are the main schools that are recruiting you? "Ole Miss, MSU, USM, West Virginia, and Alabama."

Any offers? "No, but Ole Miss is real close."

Which school is giving you the most attention? "Ole Miss, most definitely, Ole Miss. And Alabama. Alabama has been on me real hard lately, but Ole Miss told me they were going to offer me when I go to their senior camp in June. They came to my practice today, but their defensive back coach wants to see me back peddle. When I go to their camp in June, they are going to offer me."

Which colleges are catching your eye right now? "Mainly Ole Miss right now, but for sure Alabama, Memphis, USM, and Louisiana. All of them have been coming to my practices. All of them are big time in the picture."

Who else has been coming to your practices besides the schools you just listed? "MSU, Auburn, and LSU. It amazed me that so many would come to see me even though they can not talk to me. They just size me up and bump into me and say they are keeping an eye on me. That makes me feel good."

Have you received any phone calls? "Coach Luke for Ole Miss called."

What did he have to say? "He just basically wanted to see how I was doing. He is going to watch my track meet this Saturday. I have been knowing Coach Luke since I was a sophomore, when I went to their camp."

Bailey carries a 3.5 GPA and a 17 on the ACT.

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