LaDerrick Vaughn receives an offer from Ole Miss

LaDerrick "D" Vaughn (Qth, Memphis, TN) - One of the top players from the City of Memphis received a scholarship offer from Coach Orgeron recently.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 205
40 time: 4.5
Bench: 225
Grades: 2.9 GPA / 18 ACT

From: Memphis
High School: Manassas (2A) Tigers/FONT>

The following information was revealed during our interview with LaDerrick Vaughn:

Which position are you expected to play on the college level? "Well, I do not know just yet. They usually ask me which position I want to play. They tell me I would be good at safety, wide receiver, or running back. Coach Orgeron from Ole Miss thinks I would be a good running back or safety. I really have no clue. I feel like I can make an impact at a lot of different positions."

What are your strengths on the field? "Catching, I can catch the ball real good. Hitting, I can hit you real hard."

How long have you been starting for Manassas? "Ever since the 9th grade. As soon as I got there."

Which positions do you mainly play? "Wide receiver, safety, middle linebacker, and QB."

Where do you start? "Wide receiver and middle linebacker."

What were your stats last season? "I had 800 and something yards rushing and 400 something receiving. On defense, I know I had over 100 tackles, but I can not give you an exact number."

Any awards? "I made 1st Team All-State (2A)."

Who are the main colleges that are recruiting you? "They have just been coming by the school and visiting, but I hear they cannot really talk to us much. They just introduce themselves and that is basically it."

Who has been coming by your school? "Alabama, Vandy, Ole Miss, Memphis, Arkansas, and I think that is it. Tennessee and a couple of others came by, but I never got a chance to talk to them."

Any phone calls? "Just Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss)."

Which colleges have made an impact with you? "I like Ole Miss. Michigan is cool too."

Word has it that you are close to committing to Ole Miss; are the rumors true? "Hopefully, if the Lord lets me."

When are you going to make a decision? "Me and my guardian have been talking about it, but we have not just set the date of when I am going to do it."

What got you interested in Ole Miss? "Their scholarship offer, and it is just a good school. When I went to their camp last year, they put me on their watch list. I started looking into their school ever since."

What will be the main factors in your decision? "My education. I want to go to a good computer engineering program."

The following information comes through our conversation with Manassas head football coach Danny Pogue:

What are LaDerrick's physical vitals? "Last summer, he was 6' 2", 205, but our basketball coach tells me that he was up to 6' 3", 215. The boy is so cut and tight, it is just so hard to tell. When you see the kid without his shirt on, you will know what I mean.."

Which position does LaDerrick play for you? "Everything (laugh). On offense, he plays QB and WR. On defense, he plays LB and S."

Where does he start? "WR and then we ended up bringing him back at QB. On defense, linebacker."

What were his stats for the year? "I do not have the stats in front of me, but I know he had over 1,200 yards of offense and over 100 tackles on defense. He had close to 1,000 yards rushing."

Any awards? "He was named 1st Team All-State (2A)."

What are his strengths on the field? "LaDerrick wants the ball in his hands at all times. He feels that he will be the difference, which he is. On defense, LaDerrick is more or a hitter than tackler. He will bring the wood to you. Vaughn is what you call a sure tackler. His best strength is tackling and getting the ball in his hands."

Where do you see him playing on the next level? "Defensively, outside linebacker, but everyone is looking for a good tall WR. He would be a great WR if he works on his footwork a little bit."

Which schools are currently recruiting LaDerrick? "There have been a lot who have come by the school. Ole Miss, Alabama, Arkansas, Arkansas State, Memphis, Tennessee, Arkansas, MTSU, just a bunch. He is a heavily recruited kid."

Any offers? "Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss) had the heads up on him. He came over and spontaneously offered him. Alabama and Vandy said they were going to offer in the next week. Everyone wants him to work out for them, but he can not practice right now. He plays every sport, and he is with MIAA (physical therapist group). They are doing therapy on his legs. They are trying to get it where his legs can relax. He will be out of practice for the next two weeks. They want to give his legs some rest."

Is LaDerrick leaning anywhere? "I think he is going to let Ole Miss know that he is going to take their scholarship offer."

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