Marcus Tillman receives a handful of new offers

Marcus Tillman (DE, Franklin County, MS) - One of Mississippi's top prospects has received new scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Tennessee, Auburn, and Florida since the May evaluation period started.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 4"
Weight: 250
Bench: 275
Squat: 450
Grades: 3.3 GPA / 19 ACT

From: Meadville, MS
High School: Franklin County (3A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Marcus Tillman:

Have you had any visitors at your practices recently? "Yes sir, a bunch of schools have come by. Lets see, Texas A&M, USM, MSU, Memphis, Tennessee, Auburn, LSU, Ole Miss, and the University of Louisiana."

Any phone calls? "The coaches from Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, MSU, and Ole Miss have called."

Who called first? "The head coach from Ole Miss and their recruiter from this area called me first."

Out of all of your calls, which coach stood out the most? "The coach from Ole Miss because they were so excited. When I got on the phone, they were in the background yelling and stuff. It was crazy. They are so hyped at Ole Miss. I like that."

Have you received any new offers recently? "Yes sir, all of the schools that have been by my practices have offered. West Virginia and Florida offered me too."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "LSU, USM, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, MSU, Auburn, and Tennessee."

What stands out the most about LSU? "I have been over there twice this year, and I have been to two of their camps. I know a little more about them than everybody else. I went to MSU's Jr Day, but that is it. I have just been going over to LSU for the most part."

What did you like about MSU during your visit? "Probably their coaching staff."

What attracts you to USM? "I have not been there, but a lot of my people go to school there. Everybody tells me it is a pretty good school."

And Ole Miss? "I like them too. I went last summer to their football camp before they had a coaching change. I also went to their football camp the summer before that, so I have been there a couple of times. They have a real pretty campus, but I did not get to see much other than their dorms, practice fields, and cafeteria."

What are Tennessee's positives? "Well, I like them because I have grown up watching them on tv. They usually have a pretty good program every year. They are suppose to be a top team in the nation."

What do you like about Texas A&M? "Their coaches just keep on pushing me. I have not been over there, but they tell me it is a real good school. They told me they have the best defensive line coach in America, and that they want me to play in my freshman year. I am not all about playing time, but it does sound good (laugh)."

Why did you become interested in Auburn? "They went 13-0 last year (laugh). I want to go somewhere where I can win and win big. I am not about losing. I have only lost 5 games in my career here and we have won 22. I do not want to go to a place where they are not going to win big."

Who do you feel like is recruiting you the hardest right now? "Probably Texas A&M."

Will you attend any combines or camps this summer? "I will be going to a couple of camps. I do not know which ones or how many, but I know I will go to some."

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