Kendrick Lewis is still solid with Ole Miss

Kendrick Lewis (WR/DB, New Orleans, LA) - Kendrick was Ole Miss' first commitment for the 2006 Class. In fact, Lewis committed the day after Signing Day, which took place on February 2nd. It marked the University of Mississippi's earliest public commitment since the NCAA did away with the early signing period.

Kendrick had 860 passing and 740 rushing yards during the first five games of his junior season. After being moved over to wide receiver in game six, he had 660 receiving yards and totaled 34 TD's for the 2004 campaign.

Lewis attended the Nike Camp that was held at Ole Miss on Saturday. We were able to catch up with him following the combine.

Kendrick Lewis
The following information was revealed during our interview with Kendrick Lewis:

What did you measure in at today? "I believe they had me at 5' 11 1/2", 188. I think that was right."

How did you feel like you performed today? "I think I did pretty good outside my nagging injuries from my Spring game. I have a sprained ankle and a bruised thigh. It slowed me down on my forty times today, but other than that, I feel like I did good. I just will have to work to the best of my ability on the field and give it everything I have."

What did you run the 40 in today? "It was bad, real bad. Like a 4.7. My ankle is just real tender right now. I have no bounce in my step, and it is hard for me to get going. I was timed electronically at a 4.54 a couple of months ago, before I messed up my ankle."

Where all have you been before this combine? "This is the only camp I have been to, so far."

Which camps do you plan to attend after this? "I plan to go to many more. All of those schools who invite me. Right now, Ole Miss is the only one I have paid for, but I am sure I will be going to some more."

Kendrick Lewis
How did Spring practice go for you? "I did pretty good. I did good. We lost 21-14, but I did good. I played on both sides of the ball. I had an interception and 8 tackles and a 117 yards receiving."

Where in the defensive backfield are you playing? "I was playing safety and cornerback."

Do you feel comfortable at safety? "Yea, I feel real comfortable. I feel comfortable everywhere on the field. I feel like I can play it all."

Since the May evaluation period started; have you received any new scholarship offers? "Not really. I have been getting a lot of calls and people coming by the school though."

Like who? "LSU, Auburn,UCLA, Vandy, Florida, California, Harvard and all of those type of colleges."

Who called first? "Coaches Orgeron and Wilson. I had not even eaten my wheaties before they called (laugh)."

Who besides Ole Miss is recruiting you the hardest? "I would have to say Florida."

Was this the first time you have stepped foot on Ole Miss' campus? "No sir, I have been up here unofficially two or three times this year."

What are your thoughts on Ole Miss' campus and facilities? "Well, that is one of the things I liked so much about them, their facilities and campus. The campus is so clean and everybody is so friendly. My momma wants me to be in a real safe environment, and she thought Ole Miss was about as safe as it gets. And the facilities, man, just look around. This is as good as it gets."

Does having your former head coach at Ole Miss make your decision that much easier? "Yea, Coach Frank, he is like family to all of us (at O.Perry Walker). I mean, he means the world to me and my people. He was definitely a huge part in my decision to pick Ole Miss."

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