Thoughts on Senior camps

As it has been at all of the combines, the strength lies with the WR's, LB's, and RB'sThe offensive line position is very slim.DT's, while a few more than OL, are not as deep as the skilled positions. DE looks to be in good shape.


On individual players:

Derrick Odom (LB) and Corderick Eason (RB) are probably the top two prospects in MS this year.

The tandem of Kendrick Lewis and Terry Levy is going to be special for years to come.

Both are different players. Kendrick is a fundamentally sound player who is thick and physical. Terry is a tall and lanky WR who can burn it and get up in the air. I like both games and can now wait for them to get on campus.

Shay Hodge (WR/DB) is quick as a cat. I like his game a lot.

C.J. Bailey really won me over today. He went up against Shay Hodge, Kendrick Lewis, Torris Magee, Terry Levy, and Ricky Dixon all day and won more than he lost.

C.J.'s lateral movement allows him to stay on you like glue, then he can cut and stop on a dime. He is going to be a good prospect for someone, and I have a hunch an offer from Ole Miss could be on the way.

Justin Woodall stole the show today during the 7 on 7, which basically pitted the top 7 offensive players against the top 7 defensive players at the camp.

Woodall played safety and had 4 int's during the drills, which lasted for about an hour. He can see the field so well and is a natural at safety. He is a big time player, like we already did not know that.

Jocquez Crawford (RB/Cordova/TN) had a very good showing today. He played with the number one offense too.

On the one offense was Jocquez Crawford and Cordera Eason at running back. Kendrick Lewis, Terry Levy, and Shay Hodge played at WR. The TE's switched around with Courtney Smith and Jonathan Massey. Richard Dickson hurt a finger, which prevented him from playing in the 7 on 7's. They also rotated the QB's on each down. The three who got the most snaps were Vaughn Charlton, Mathew Malouf and Chris Smelly out of Evangel Christian (AL).

Nick Stephens (QB/TX) will be in town for tomorrow's 3 Day camp.

The number one defense had Derrick Odom, Shomari Clemons, and Corderick Govan at linebacker. CJ Bailey and a CB from Meridian that we are not familiar with.. Justin Woodall and Hendrick Leverett were your safeties.

Michael McGee, from Magee (RB/MS), is another sleeper to keep an eye on. He put a move on Derrick Odom that made everyone go OOOHHH..

To end the day, they had the "Fastest Man at the Camp" contest.

It started with every camper running a 50 yard dash.

They had two more 50 yard dashes, then they started to cut the contest in half with each run. You were eliminated from competition if you were not in the top half.

The last five who made it for the final run were CJ Bailey, Derrick Odom, Jocquez Crawford, and two other prospects we were not familiar with.

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