Shay Hodge talks about Ole Miss' Sr Camp

Shay Hodge (WR/DB, Morton, MS) - Shay had an outstanding showing at the Ole Miss Skilled camp yesterday. We called to get his thoughts on his performance.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Shay Hodge:

Have you received any recent scholarship offers? "Yes sir, Southern Mississippi and Iowa State offered me recently."

Your list of offers now looks like? "Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Southern Mississippi, and Iowa State."

Which colleges have come by to evaluate you? "Coach Orgeron (Ole Miss) came. Some dude for MSU came, but I do not know who he is. LSU was suppose to come, but I had a field trip that day. USM came to a practice and my spring game. An Auburn coach came too. I think that is it."

Which colleges are calling you weekly? "Ole Miss, MSU, Alabama, Houston, and Iowa State. I think that is it."

Which coach have you developed the tightest relationship with? "Coach Mazzone at Ole Miss."

Which colleges are now standing out? "I do not know. I have not even begun to narrow it down."

Which camps have you attended and where do you go from here? "I have been to the Nike camp at Ole Miss and the Ole Miss Sr camp. I think I go to Auburn then Alabama then USM, and I am suppose to go to MSU and LSU."

Talk about your experience at the Ole Miss camp? "It was real good. Ole Miss is tight. I learned a lot of new stuff that I did not know."

Talk about some of the things you learned? "I learned a lot from watching all of those good WR's. I watched some of the things they do that I did not know to do. Like the boy from O. Perry Walker (Kendrick Lewis), he helped me get off the jam."

Who was the best DB you faced? "The boy from Moss Point (C.J. Bailey). And Justin Woodall, the safety, that boy was good. He has all kind of game."

We hear you are a pretty good basketball player? "I guess so (laugh)."

What did you average last year? "24 points a game."

Playing? "2 guard but I am moving to PG next year."

Do you plan to play both sports on the next level? "Yes sir."

How important is it for you to play both sports? "Real important."

Which colleges are recruiting you for basketball? "Alabama, Colorado State, and UNC Wilmington."

Will you sign a football or basketball scholarship? "Probably football."

Shay carries a 2.4 GPA / 17 ACT.

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