Ricky Dixon talks about his Ole Miss trip

Ricky Dixon (WR, Reserve, LA) - Ryan Perrilloux's top target last season (over 1,200 receiving yards) attended Ole Miss' Sr Camp last week. We called to get his comments on how his experience went at the University of Mississippi.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Ricky Dixon:

Talk about your experience at the Ole Miss camp? "It was nice. I like their facilities and stuff like that. Their coaches were real cool. It was just real nice up there."

Was this your first trip to Ole Miss? "Yes sir."

Was it the same or different than what you were expecting? "It was different, in a good way. I just learned a lot of things that I did not know from before."

What new did you learn? "First of all, I got to know their coaches a lot better. I did not know their stadium was that nice or that big. I learned how to get around their campus, in case I do go to school there. I did not really learn too much about their academics and stuff like that, because it was not a (official) visit, but I did get to stay up there for a couple of days and meet some of their students. I did not know they had that many students. It seemed like it was bigger than LSU."

Where will camp at next? "I might go down to LSU in a couple of weeks, but I am still debating if I am going to go or not."

Which colleges are now at the top of your list? "LSU, Florida, Ole Miss has moved in there, FSU, and Kansas State. But like I said, a lot will be determined when I take my visits."

Will you take some unofficial visits this summer? "Yea, a I am suppose to drive to FSU sometime this summer on an unofficial."

What will you be looking for while you are on these visits? "The facilities, chemistry of the coaches, and how fast I can start. Things like that."

Did Ole Miss' facilities meet your approval? "No doubt, man, I was real impressed with their facilities."

What did you think of the chemistry of the Ole Miss coaches? "I think their coaches are real down to earth, especially Coach Orgeron."

Do you feel like you have a chance to play early at Ole Miss? "They told me that I would have a chance to start, but I would not be disappointed if I did not start in my first year. I just do not want to sit around for 2 or 3 years or anything like that. I know Ole Miss is graduating 5 of their 6 man (WR) rotation next year, so that would not be a problem."

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