Jonathan Massey names a leader

Jonathan Massey (TE, Gautier, MS) - Jonathan is no stranger to the game of football, as his older brother Mario Edwards, is the starting left cornerback for the Miami Dolphins. It is no coincidence that Florida State, where Mario played in college, is in Massey's Top 3 school of choices.

Last season, Jonathan earned All-State (MAC) after hauling in 46 passes for 705 yards and 7 touchdowns while manning the wide receiver position. But this year, look for Massey to get some snaps at tight end, where most project Jonathan to play on the next level.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 245
40 time: 4.8
Bench: 265
Squat: 350
Grades: 3.5 GPA / 23 ACT

From: Gautier, MS
High School: Gautier (5A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Jonathan Massey:

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "I have two offers for wide receiver and four offers for tight end."

Which schools have offered you for wide receiver? "My offers for wide receiver are Ole Miss and Mississippi State. I want to say Southern Mississippi has offered me too, but I am not certain on that. But I know Ole Miss and MSU are recruiting me for wide receiver."

At tight end? "Southern Mississippi, Clemson, LSU, and Vanderbilt."

What do you currently play? "Right now, I am at wide receiver, but I am going to be playing a mixture of TE and WR this year."

What most do you like to play? "I like receiver because that is what I have been playing my whole life. After I play some tight end this year, I will see how it goes."

What are your strengths on the field? "I would say being physical, strong, and my determination to win every time. When I run a route, I am not going to let anybody stop me from the getting that reception. That is my mindset every time I go out for a pass."

What most do you need to work on? "A little technique, getting my speed up, and dropping a couple of pounds."

What is your goal, as far as playing weight? "I want to be down to about 225. I relaxed a little in the offseason and had a couple of burgers and milk shakes (laugh), but it is not anything I can not overcome. I will drop it by the start of the season."

What did you run the 40 in at the Ole Miss camp? "In the low 4.8's, but we had to run the 40 yesterday at our school and I ran a 4.72."

Have you attended anymore college camps? "So far, I have been to Ole Miss' (Sr) camp, LSU's 1 Day Camp, Nike (FSU), Scout (Tulane), and I might go to the passing camp at LSU on the 21st. I am definitely going to USM's (SR) camp."

Which schools are recruiting you the hardest? "All of the schools who have offered me are all recruiting me pretty hard, but I would have to say Ole Miss is definitely recruiting me the hardest. They just take it up another notch from everyone else."

Which schools are now at the top of your list? "Right now, I would have to put Ole Miss number one, then FSU, then LSU. Those would be my Top 3 schools, for sure."

What has moved Ole Miss to the top of your list? "I like their staff, facilities, and just the whole atmosphere up there. At Ole Miss, you feel welcomed. You know, it feels like home."

How many trips have you been on to Ole Miss? "Three of four."

What all do you like about LSU? "I like their facilities, coaching staff, and they have been winning lately. They have a new staff now. Coach Miles is a pretty cool guy. I am being recruited by Josh Henson. He is a nice guy too."

What are Florida State's positives? "My brother went there for one. I have ties through that. I like their campus a lot, and they have been known for winning too."

Who is your brother? "Mario Edwards, you know, he starts for Miami (Dolphins)."

When it comes decision; what will be the determining factors? "I am looking at their academic reputation. I want them to have a good track record, as far as football goes. I want it to be close to home but not too close. And I do not want to go anywhere where I have to worry about them being on probation or being put on probation. I want to be with a staff that is going to be with me for all four years. I do not want to be changing systems in the middle of my career. I want some stability."

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