Preseason 1st Team All-Mississippi Squad

We have come up with the list of top prospects from Mississippi.

Grades and off the field issues were not factored into the equation. As the season progresses, we will adjust our rankings.

All favorite lists were compiled by the latest reports from

Preseason All-Mississippi Team

# 1 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Cordera Eason
Cordera Eason (RB, Meridian, MS) - Cordera is listed as 6' 0"", 237 with 4.52 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

Accounted for over 1,100 yards rushing despite missing 4 games with an ankle injury and sharing duties with All-State performer, Derrick Davis.

Eason was named 2nd Team All-State (MAC) for his on the field accomplishments.

Cordera is listed as the # 2 running back in the South Hot 100 list.

"My ability to be as quick as I am for a big guy is my biggest strength. My agility allows me to run through or around you. I can cut real hard for someone my size."

Ole Miss (offer) and Auburn (offer) lead MSU (offer), Oklahoma (offer), and LSU (offer).

# 2 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Derrick Odom
Derrick Odom (LB, Jackson, MS) - Derrick is listed as 6' 2", 205 with 4.52 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

As a junior, accounted for 103 tackles, 12 sacks, 12 forced fumbles, 6 recovered fumbles, and 1 interception.

Odom was named All-Disrtict and Metro for his on the field accomplishments.

"I am well rounded in everything I do so it is hard for me to pin point one thing that I am best at.. I am not saying that in a cocky way, so please do not misinterpret what I am saying. I guess if I had to name something, it would be my hands and my speed. I have grown up in track, so I have always had good speed."

LSU, Ole Miss, Southern Mississippi, Iowa, and Alabama have all offered. Auburn and MSU are also heavily interested.

# 3 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Anthony Dixon

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - Listed as 6' 1", 242 and runs a 4.6 forty.

South Hot 100 Member

As a junior, Anthony rushed for 1,877 yards and 22 TD's.

Dixon was named 1st Team All-Metro (Clarion Ledger) for his play on the field.

"My power, quickness, and determination. I have been running a long time, no matter how many times you give it to me, I am not going to get tired."

Alabama, Mississippi State (offer) and Ole Miss (offer) lead for Anthony's services.

# 4 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Allen Walker

Allen Walker (DB/WR, Olive Branch, MS) - Listed as 6' 2", 210 with 4.55 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

As a junior, Walker was named 1st Team All-Region after posting 25 catches for 452 yds and 9 touchdowns. He also had 50 plus tackles and three interceptions.

"I've got good speed and aggressiveness. And I've got a good knowledge of the game. I want to get better at everything I do on the field because you can never be too good."

Ole Miss (offer), Mississippi State (offer), LSU (offer), Florida (offer) and Nebraska (offer) are the early leaders.

# 5 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Terry Levy

Terry Levy (WR, Kosciusko, MS) - Listed as 6' 1 1/2", 198 with 4.58 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

Terry has over 100 reception for 1, 250 yards and 25 TD's during the past two seasons.

While manning the safety position last year, Levy had 2 interceptions returned for touchdowns. Levy also starts for Kosciusko's basketball team and averaged 14 points a game.

Terry is a 2 Time All-Region 4(4A) pick in football. He also finished 3rd in the state high jump and was named All-Region 4(4A) in basketball.

"I just feel like I can make things happen with the ball in my hands. My height gives me the advantage too."

Committed to Ole Miss

# 6 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Justin Woodall

Justin Woodall (S, Lafayette County, MS) - Listed as 6' 1 1/2", 208 and runs a 4.61 forty.

Justin led the state of Mississippi in interceptions for the 2004 campaign. He finished the year with 16 picks.

On offense, Woodall was just as dangerous, as he caught 30 passes for 750 yards and 8 Td's

Justin was named 1st Team All-State (MAC) and Region 2(4A) Player of the Year for his play.

"My vision on the field is my biggest strength. I see things that others do not."

Auburn, Ole Miss (offer), Mississippi State (offer) and Alabama (offer) are the early leaders.

# 7 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Anthony Summers

Anthony Summers (S, Olive Branch, MS) - Listed as 6' 2", 200, with 4.55 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

Summers was named Region MVP after completing 56 of 115 passes for 1,032 yards and 15 touchdowns (10-2 season). The athletic quarterback also rushed for 583 yards on 113 carries for 15 touchdowns.

"I'm being recruited only as a defensive back even though I haven't played defense since my freshman year. At the end of that year I had about 36 tackles. This past season I played quarterback. And I'm actually looking to play on both sides of the ball this season.

"I've got great quickness, awareness and speed for my size. I want to work out more and get bigger."

Mississippi (offer) leads slightly over Oklahoma (offer), LSU (offer) and Nebraska (offer).

# 8 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Marcus Tillman
Marcus Tillman (DE, Franklin County, MS) - Listed as 6' 4", 250, with 4.9 speed.

Tillman was named 2nd Team All-State after registering 44 tackles and 16 sacks as a junior.

"I am fast enough to pass rush and big enough to step in the hole and stop the run. I think it is my speed though. That is the biggest thing."

Committed to LSU

# 9 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Terry Grant
Terry Grant (RB, Lumberton, MS) - Listed as 5' 10", 187, with 4.48 speed.

Grant rushed for 2,615 yards and 31 touchdowns for the 2004 campaign.

Terry was named 1st Team All-State (Clarion Ledger) for his play on the field.

Clemson (offer), Ole Miss (offer), Southern Mississippi (offer) and Mississippi State(offer) are the early leaders.

# 10 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Richard Dickson
Richard Dickson (TE, Ocean Springs, MS) - Listed as 6' 2" with 4.8 speed.

South Hot 100 Member

As a junior, he was selected 1st Team All-State by the MAC as a tight end and The Clarion-Ledger as a defensive end.

Collected around 100 tackles at DE and 500 receiving yards at TE while helping Ocean Springs to the Class 5A Championship game.

"I have always been bigger for my age than most people, and I have always been faster than the people who are as big as me. I have real good game speed. I am a lot faster with pads on than without them. It is kind of strange. On defense, I have good closing speed. Like in a playoff game against Hattiesburg, I ran down Jonathan Kirksey from behind, and he is one of, if not the best, running backs in the state."

LSU (offer), Mississippi State (offer), Ole Miss (offer), Alabama (offer), Auburn (offer), Tennessee (offer), Oklahoma (offer), and Florida (offer) lead for Richard's services.

# 11 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Markeith Summers

Markeith Summers (WR, Olive Branch, MS) - Listed as 6' 1 1/2", 195 with 4.6 speed.

As a junior, Summers had 21 catches for 649 yards and 8 touchdowns.

He also pitched in 25 tackles and 2 interceptions on defense in helping lead his team to a 10-2 record.

Summers was named 1st Team All-State as a junior.

"I've got great speed and I'm good at getting past guys and catching the ball. I just want to get better at everything and win a state championship."

LSU (offer), Florida, Ole Miss (offer), and Oklahoma (offer) are the early leaders.

# 12 Ranked Player from Mississippi

Victor Thomas
Victor Thomas (DE, Olive Branch, MS) - Listed as 6' 4", 250 with 4.91 speed.

Thomas had 48 tackles and 5 sacks for Olive Branch in being named 2nd Team All Region.

"I get off the ball real good."

Ole Miss (offer), Auburn, and MSU (offer) lead Memphis and Louisville (offer).

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