# 3 Rated Prospect from MS Talks Recruiting

Anthony Dixon (RB, Terry, MS) - Mississippi has not had a crop of running backs like this year's class in a long/long time.

Possibly the most talented tailback of all is Terry's product, Anthony Dixon.

We like to call Anthony the "little bus", as he reminds us of Jerome Bettis during his early stages of his football career. Anthony is a legit 6' 1", 235 pound bruiser who has very "light" feet. He can cut on a dime, which gives him the ability to make people miss. This is what makes Dixon so valuable. He has power, elusiveness, great field vision and hands.

Dixon is what you term as the complete package.

Colleges have taken notice, as MSU, OM, Iowa State, LSU, Alabama, and USM have all offered. Florida State is also heavily in the mix.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Anthony Dixon:

Which camps have you attended so far? "I have only been to Ole Miss'. I went to a couple of their camps. I am still going to go to two more this summer."

Where? "USM and LSU, for their 1 Day camps."

Talk about your experiences at the Ole Miss camps? "I did pretty good. There were so many good players there, especially at the Passing Camp. Our team did real good because this is the first time a lot of our players have played varsity ball. We are real young, so it was a good experience for them."

Anthony Dixon

What did you take away from the camp? "Really, the main thing I learned is most of my routes for next year. I played against a lot of good players, and I think I held my own. I knew most of the players that were at the camp. I had been reading about them throughout my career, but you only get to play the teams that are on your schedule, so it was fun competing against a bunch of guys you never get a chance to compete against."

Which colleges keep in weekly phone contact with you? "Ole Miss, LSU, and MSU. Them are the ones that keep in phone contact with me every week, no matter what. Most of the other schools only call every now and then. They do not call like them three."

Where does your offer list now stand? "I am not sure how many I have now. It is up to 8 or 9."

Who? "MSU, Ole Miss, Iowa State, LSU, USM, and I can not think of them all. Alabama, just a bunch of them. There are some more, but I can not think of them."

Which college has made the biggest impression with you? "I have only been to one school, and that is Ole Miss. I have always liked Ole Miss. They did not really make an impression with me because I already knew what they had. We did not really look around their campus, but hopefully when I go to LSU and USM we will get a chance to look around."

Which colleges are now at the top of your list? "All of the main ones. Alabama, Ole Miss, MSU, FSU, and LSU. Them are the ones that recruit me the hardest and La Monroe."

When did you start hearing from Florida State? "I have gotten a couple of calls from them, but they send me like 1 or 2 letters every day. Coach Bowden sends me a lot of hand written letters."

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