Derrick Odom comes in at #19 on South Hot 100 Team

Derrick Odom (LB, Jackson, MS) - Some could argue that Mississippi's top overall prospect is Jackson Callaway's Derrick Odom.Hey, who could argue? Derrick is rated as the South's #19 overall prospect on the South Hot 100 TeamOdom is a supreme athlete who has speed to burn, a body that is built to go to war, and the smarts to know how to make an impact.

The following information was revealed during our interview with Derrick Odom:

Which camps have you had a chance to attend this year? "I have not been to any lately, but I am going to USM today. I have already been to Ole Miss, LSU, and the Nike Camp that was held at Ole Miss. The only ones I have left are the USM and the Auburn camps next month."

Where do you feel like you had your best performance? "The Nike Camp, as far as schools, I would have to say LSU. I did better there. I played safety at LSU. At Ole Miss and at the Nike Camp, I played linebacker. At LSU, I did a little of both."

Which position do you feel more natural? "There is not too much of a difference for me, but I know I will dominate at safety because of my size. But, they are just about the same, playing wise, it all depends on my body. If I get bigger, linebacker, but I do not, safety."

Which colleges have offered you a scholarship? "USM, Ole Miss, LSU, Iowa, and there is one more, but I can not think of it right now."

Which schools are you keeping an eye on? "Basically everybody. I am still in the evaluation process."
Derrick Odom

Which college, do you feel, wants you the most? "Ole Miss. Well, Ole Miss and LSU. They are about the same. They are recruiting me the hardest."

What does Ole Miss and LSU do to make you feel more wanted? "The letters I receive from them. I receive letters just about everyday from the them, not just one person like the rest of them do. I always talk to their whole staff on the phone too. Ole Miss, LSU, and USM do about the same things, but Ole Miss and LSU are at the top."

Do both Ole Miss and LSU send you letters from different members of their staff? "Yes sir, both of them. I talk to Ole Miss and LSU the most, but USM is real hard too. I can not leave them out."

Who recruits you for USM and what all do you like about the Eagles? "Coaches Bower and Hopson recruit me for Southern. Alot of my family went to school there. We know a lot about them. It is nothing new to me. My dad played ball for them. I have two sisters who go to school there right now. I have a lot of family ties to Southern."

LSU? "Coach Henson recruits me for them. What I like most about LSU is how well rounded they are in every field, especially academics."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "My relationship with their coaches stands out the most. That is real important to me."

Who recruits you for Ole Miss? "Coach Hughes mostly, but they all call."

Tell us the differences you saw from the LSU and Ole Miss camps? "The only difference I could tell is that at LSU, the people were from different areas, like Louisiana and Texas. At Ole Miss, everyone was basically from Mississippi. But as far as intensity, it was the same."

Derrick is a sound student as he carries a 2.7 Core GPA and a 17 on the ACT.

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