All-Mississippi Member talks recruiting

Reggie Hicks (RB, Madison, MS) - Reggie is a relatively unknown commodity in the recruiting ranks. Hicks played at a private school (St. Josephs) and then transferred to traditionally rich Madison Central before the start of his junior season.Last season was suppose to be Reggie's "breakout" year, but one problem occurred, Hicks hurt his shoulder before the start of the season and missed the first 7 games of action.

Hicks has since healed and has already received a scholarship offer from the University of Mississippi. Alabama and USM are also very close to offering.

Player Profile

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 221
40 time: 4.62
Bench: 300
Squat: 475
vertical: 27"
Grades: 3.7 Core GPA / Took ACT in June

From: Madison, MS
High School: Madison Central (5A)

The following information was revealed during our interview with Reggie Hicks

Which position are you being recruited to play on the next level? "I am being recruited as a running back/fullback."

What are your strengths at running back? "My vision and power and a little bit of speed. I also have great hands. I feel I am a complete back because I can do everything. I can run, block, and catch out of the backfield. I can even turn the corner if I have to."

What do you most need to work on? "My speed."

How long have you been starting for Madison Central? "This was my first year because I transferred from St. Joe."

What were your stats? "I had 9 rushing TD's and maybe 395 yards on 45 carries."

You only had 45 carries for the year? "I was out the first six games because of a shoulder injury. This year, I hope to get the ball 200 to 250 times. I am going to show everyone what I am all about."

What did Madison Central do on the field last year? "We went 10-3. We got beat by South Panola in the Semifinals. They won State."

Who are the main schools that are recruiting you? "Ole Miss, Alabama, Illinois, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, and USM. That is about it. The ones that have offered me are Ole Miss and LA-Lafayette. Alabama said they are about too. It just has not happened yet."

Where have you camped and where do you go from here? "I have been to the Alabama, Ole Miss, and Nike (Ole Miss) camps. I go to USM tomorrow."

Which colleges are keeping in weekly phone contact with you? "They can not call right now, but I call Coach Woods (Alabama), Orgeron (Ole Miss), and Hopson (USM) all of the time."

Which colleges are now at the top of your list? "Georgia Tech is my dream school, and that is where I want to go. They have the best Architect program in the country. That is my dream, to be one of the best Architects in the country. But realistically, it is going to come down to Ole Miss and Alabama. They are in a tie (for my services)."

What attracts you to Ole Miss? "I really like Coach Orgeron and their new staff. They have an unbelievable staff. I would love to play for them. The only reason I have not had Ole Miss #1 the whole way is due to the fact that they do not have an Architect program. It would be all about playing football if I went there. There is not much they could help me out for when I get out of school, but Coach Orgeron is real impressive."

What are Alabama's positives? "Coach Woods is a real good guy and coach. A lot of people dream of playing for Alabama. It kind of surprised me when they came after me so hard. I mean, I did not have a very good junior year because I was out for most of the year. I had no idea schools like Alabama and Ole Miss would be coming after me. Not after last year. I am just thrilled that a school like Alabama has so much faith in me."

What about USM; any interest? "I have interest in USM, not very much, but I do have some interest. Scholarship money is money, so I have to listen. In the past few years, USM has had the best team in Mississippi. The players from around here know that because they are all about winning. I would like to see USM, MSU, and Ole Miss play each other. Like in Florida, everyone plays everyone. USM has that nasty mentality, play anyone/anywhere. I love that. Coach Hopson is also a real good recruiter too. I like the way he talks."

What will you be looking at when you are trying to make a decision? "First of all, I want to be in a good Architect program. Football is football, you can make it at any football program. I am looking for a coaching staff that is going to be there the whole four years I am there. I am looking for stability. I also want a chance to play some tailback. If I get that chance, I can take it."

Which schools are recruiting you for tailback? "USM is about it."

How about fullback? "Ole Miss, Alabama, Illinois, and Tennessee."

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